Nvidia and Dell presented the AI ​​Factory AI system for combining PCs, GPUs and network devices

Nvidia and Dell presented the AI ​​Factory AI system for combining PCs, GPUs and network devices

At the Nvidia GTC conference, Dell Technologies announced the AI ​​Factory system – an enterprise artificial intelligence solution that combines laptops, PCs, storage systems and network devices.

AI Factory includes Dell computing systems, storage systems, networking devices, workstations and laptops with Nvidia artificial intelligence infrastructure and Enterprise AI software based on Spectrum-X high-speed networking technologies.

AI Factory will be able to be deployed across the entire corporate network. The solution also supports edge deployment using Precision AI-ready workstations, NVIDIA AI Workbench and PowerEdge-XR servers, and cloud deployment through such service providers. Dell and Nvidia are developing a collaboration to create a large-scale artificial intelligence system based on the Dell PowerEdge XE9680 with the latest Nvidia GPUs, the Spectrum-X Ethernet platform and Dell PowerScale F710 storage.

AI Factory supports a wide range of artificial intelligence use cases and applications. The solution offers support for the entire GenAI lifecycle, from inference and extraction of augmented generation (RAG) to model tuning, development and training.

The solution will be available on a Dell Apex subscription basis, and customers will only pay for resources actually used.

Nvidia and Dell are also collaborating on a high-density, liquid-cooled, stable architecture based on the Blackwell chip. These systems will support next-generation data center capabilities, including distributed power of up to 100 kW per rack.

The day before, Nvidia presented AI-chips B200 on the new Blackwell architecture. The company notes that with their help, it is possible to significantly accelerate the learning of neural networks and make the process more energy efficient.

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