NSU HSE and the Central University launch the bachelor’s program “Design and development of information products”

NSU HSE and the Central University launch the bachelor’s program “Design and development of information products”

NSU HSE, Central University and “Tinkoff” announced the launch of the joint undergraduate program “Design and development of information products”. According to the organizers of the program, its goal is to improve the quality of training of specialists in the field of information systems design and data engineering, the Tinkoff press service told Habra’s information service.

Graduates of this program will receive two higher education diplomas. The first one will be from NSU HSE, majoring in “Software Engineering”. The second from the Central University, majoring in “Mathematics and Computer Science”.

The program will train specialists who will be able to participate in the development of IT products at all stages, starting from gathering requirements to operation. According to the creators of the program, the key stage of the program is teaching the design of information products. After the first course, students will immediately be able to develop small information products. In addition, the study program will include the study of software architecture, the creation of fault-tolerant systems, data engineering, the development of effective algorithms, technologies for storing and processing large data sets, and information security. Students will immerse themselves in ML/AI, fintech, theoretical computer science, low-level programming, and more.

The main programming language is Java. Its study will take place at an advanced level. Additionally, C++, SQL and Python will be studied. A number of disciplines will be taught in English during the 3-4 courses: software testing, flexible Agile methodologies and others.

Bachelor studies will begin in September 2024. 50 students will study in the first stream. Acceptance of documents will start in June 2024. Studying in the program is fee-based, but students will be able to receive discounts of up to 90% for Olympic achievements and high scores on the EDI. You can read more about admission and the program on the HSE NSU website.

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