Next week, the OpenAI application store for GPT will be launched – GPT Store

Next week, the OpenAI application store for GPT will be launched – GPT Store

OpenAI plans to launch a store of GPT-applications – custom programs based on its own artificial intelligence models, including GPT-4. This is reported by Tech Crunch.

It’s been announced that developers creating GPTs will have to review the company’s updated usage policies and GPT brand rules to ensure their GPTs meet the requirements before they can be listed on the aptly named GPT Store.

They must also verify their user profile and ensure that their GPTs are published as “public”.

The creation of the GPT Store was announced last year during OpenAI’s first annual developer conference called DevDay.

It is not necessary to have programming experience to develop GPT applications. For example, GPT can be trained on a collection of cookbooks so that a chatbot can answer questions about the ingredients for a particular recipe. Or GPT can use the company’s own code base so that developers can test their style or build code according to best practices.

Developers can describe in plain language the options for their GPT and OpenAI’s GPT Builder tool, and attempt to create an AI-powered chatbot to perform these tasks. Shortly after DevDay, they were able to create and share GPTs with others directly through the ChatGPT website, but not publish them.

It is still unclear whether the GPT Store will launch with any revenue sharing scheme. As of November, according to sources, there was no clear plan for the monetization of GPT.

OpenAI said more details will be revealed next week.

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