News from the world of OpenStreetMap for February

News from the world of OpenStreetMap for February

The year of vector tiles, Pokemon returns, the noble closure of Placemark, and we learn how to render on Canvas with Rust.

[Векторные] Cards

  • The OSM Engineering Working Group has declared 2024 the Year of OSM Vector Maps and hired Paul Norman to design and implement them for

  • After only two weeks, he showed a demo with Shortbread tiles, for which he implemented every minute updates.

  • Want to try them for yourself? Geofabrik now offers Shortbread tile packs for download.


  • Daniel announced the release of MapLibre GL JS 4.0.

  • Openlayers 9.0 with improved rendering for WebGL.

  • In MapComplete, a mode with a map of ski tracks and 3D terrain visualization appeared.

    Mapcomplete is a web editor in which you focus on editing objects of one type.
  • Osm2pgsql version 1.11.0 has been released, which now uses the middle database format by default. Also announced is version 2.0.0, which will remove many outdated functions.


  • Anna-Karolina Distel shared her mapping experience while on vacation in Malta.

  • L’imaginaire reached the mark of one million map changes and became a philosophical question about OSM.

  • Valerie Norton asked how to mark a mountain with a different name on the map.




  • Raquel Desiderio Souto explained how you can do a small import with iD and monitor it with dynamic cards in uMap.


  • OpenTrailStash is a map for planning bike trips on dirt roads.

    Lake Sapsho area on OpenTrailStash
  • OSM France has launched, a map that combines open data from the French national railway company and OSM data to show journey times to stations by bicycle.

  • Adam Steer explained how he made a cycling map in QGIS using tracks from Strava and OSM data.

  • Researchers at the University of Minnesota and the University of Southern California used OSM data to create synthetic historical-style maps that allowed them to improve text recognition on real old maps.

  • Florian Pigorsch made a map of fence routes in Germany.


OpenStreetMap Foundation

  • Courtney Williamson reported that in 2023 the OSMF received £373,000 in donations. In addition, OSM also received several types of “in-kind” support in the form of equipment and other infrastructure.

  • The OSM OWG presented the 2024 budget to the OSMF Board.

  • The OSMF Board has decided to set a maximum budget deficit for 2024 of £85,820, resulting in reduced budgets for all working groups.

Open data


OSM is on the case

  • Daniel at Mastodon reports that Flixbus now uses Protomaps maps on their site.

  • VacuumTube has developed a tool to import OSM data into the transport simulation game Transport Fever 2.

    All roads and trees are imported from OSM.
    More examples here
  • Hans van der Quast recorded a video tutorial on flood analysis in QGIS, combining OSM building data with DTM and DSM elevation data.


Do you know …

  • … about OSM Street Light, a street light map?

  • … that Daniel Yang has compiled a list of different DEM (Digital Elevation Model) datasets?

  • … about Router Freedom Tracker? This map shows which countries in Europe have the Router Freedom policy, which allows people to choose their own router to use the Internet.

  • … about nearbywiki, wiki-atlas, and other OSM-based wikimaps?

    Wikipedia articles shown in wiki-atlas
  • … that you can apply different styles to Overpass Ultra data using the MapLibre Style Specification?

    For example, display data in the form of a heat map.
    Or make a minimalist ski card.
  • … about a site to study changes made to OSM in the last 30 days?

  • … about a list of current versions of programs related to OSM?

OSM in press

  • Jamie Staudigle reviewed the Bubatzkarte map, which uses OSM data to show where smoking cannabis is prohibited in Germany.

Other “geo” events

  • The Polish General Directorate of Geodesy and Cartography announces the installation of three new reference stations for the ASG-EUPOS system.

  • Niantic, developer of Pokemon GO, has joined the Overture Maps Foundation to access data on approximately 59 million POIs. In exchange, Niantic will share location data collected by Pokemon Go players with Overture Maps.

  • Harry Young from Scotland spent more than 30 years to create a map of the country from stones collected in the places where they are located on the map:

Currently, the creator of the map is 85 years old!
“It’s never too late to go long-term”

Russian participants of OpenStreetMap communicate in the Telegram chat and on the forum.

Join OSM! You can even improve OSM from your phone in game form.

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