MyOffice will hire backend developers in one day

MyOffice will hire backend developers in one day

MyOffice will conduct accelerated recruitment of highly qualified C++ and Golang developers to the company’s key teams as part of the One day offer. The event will be held on November 25, 2023 in an online format.

During one day, applicants will be able to meet the team leaders of the MoiOffice development teams, learn about projects and plans, and receive a job offer on the day of the interview.

The company is looking for middle, senior and lead level specialists with work experience of 3 years or more.

Among the main requirements for candidates:

  • for C++ developers – good knowledge of C++ 11/14, Boost, QT and technical English.

  • for Golang developers — good knowledge of Go, understanding of multi-threaded web application design principles, including fault tolerance, security and performance.

We are hiring for core product, desktop and mobile application development teams, as well as Mailion next-generation mail system and distributed object storage teams.

C++ and Golang developers from any region of the Russian Federation can take part in the One day offer – you can work in MoiOffice in a hybrid and remote format. The company helps employees with relocation and provides necessary conditions and equipment for work.

To participate, you need to leave an application on event website until November 13, 2023. For each direction (C++, Golang), the project consists of several stages. The first part is submitting an application and taking the test. Candidates who have successfully completed the task will be contacted by a recruiter to tell more about the company and choose a convenient time for a technical online interview. At the pre-arranged time, the development managers will conduct interviews, tell more about the processes and tasks. After the interview, all event participants without exception will receive feedback, and job offers will be made to the best candidates.

You can submit an application and find out the details on the project website.

“My office has been working on highly loaded complex projects for 10 years. The company is continuously growing both in terms of the number of employees and the functionality of the products, which allows us to create more and more value for users. We are interested in attracting experienced and talented professionals to our team, and One day offer has proven itself as an effective format. Applicants have the opportunity to work side by side with the best specialists, as well as get unique opportunities for development in our company.” — says Tamara Shchepalkina, director of the development department.

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