Musk’s robot gently touches the eggs, and Nabiullina raises the stake in the name of fighting against their price increase.

Musk’s robot gently touches the eggs, and Nabiullina raises the stake in the name of fighting against their price increase.

Almost all the most important and interesting financial news in Russia and the world in a week: Samara found a reliable way to make money on securities, JPMorgan helped a pensioner lose $50 million, the adviser of the new president of Argentina was found to have Russian tattoos, the continuing battle of neural networks from Google and OpenAI, and good news of the week about hot content on Twitch.

Financial news from Russia, unfortunately, mostly does not correspond to the spirit of Habra. So you can read the full text version of this news release here, or watch the video.

Nabiullina hit the balls with a bet (pardon the macroinflationary pun, it was inevitable)

Last Friday, Nabiullina again raised the key rate by 1 percentage point, to 16% – in the name of fighting inflation that does not fall. (According to the results of the year, inflation in the Russian Federation is expected to be at the level of 7.5%, but I am sure that you will write to me in the comments about the prices that have risen “in reality” by at least 30% – do not be disappointed, please!)

Is the peak of interest rates in the US passed?

While Elvira Sahipzadivna continues to raise the interest rate, Jerome Jeromovich Powell at the last meeting of the US Fed, on the contrary, suddenly hinted unequivocally that it is time to start lowering it soon.

Powell seems to have estimated how much it will cost to refinance the US government debt at current horse rates – and decided that it’s time to fold this high-yield bank

The markets immediately believed him, the yield level of long US government bonds cheerfully flew down: in just a month and a half from the end of October, the yield of 10-year US Treasuries decreased from 4.9-5.0% to 3.9% per annum (and the prices of these papers, respectively, increased by 8+%. I’m not hinting at anything, but here at the end of September, we just discussed on the channel that the longer US government debt has become interesting again for the purchase of an investment portfolio (the comments there will be interesting to read now).

Finally, a reliable way to earn money on securities has been found

The author of the financial life hack turned out to be a resident of Samara, who got a job at a local company as a farm manager and in a year and a half took out 112 thousand (!) reams of office paper from it – and for the profit received in the amount of 24 million rubles. bought an apartment and a Mercedes.

Memes from March 2022 – it seems that your time has come again

I wonder one thing: how did she spend such hellish paperwork from the accounting department? Like, “oh, before the May holidays, Galina Petrovna again accidentally sent the entire Wikipedia to print, and it took another three tens of thousands of reams of paper” – yes, or what? 🤔

FIRE, which turned the wrong way: how to get rid of $50 million in 5 years

American businessman Peter Delger by the age of 80 has accumulated 50 million dollars and approaching insanity. So he transferred all the family capital to smart bankers from JPMorgan in nice suits. However, for some reason, after 5 years, only $1.5 million remained of this money as a result of virtuoso trading with his shoulders – so he and his wife are now trying to sue the bank.

Peter with his wife. I wonder what his blog is called on Smartlab? 🤔

Well, at least that’s how they tell the story. I fully assume that the same plot, but told from the bank’s side, is actually more true: about a crazy grandfather, a gambling addict, who pounded his fists on the table and demanded to buy his portfolio to the brim with strange assets in order to “make Xs”.

But the moral here is this: if you think that people with a capital of $50 million are somehow qualitatively different in the sense of decision-making from guys with nicknames in Tinkoff-Pulse like TRADER_j0e69 and a portfolio of 50 thousand rubles, then maybe you are just wrong.

The development of the Argentine economy has begun

Javier “El Loco” Miley has officially assumed the post of President of Argentina. At the same time, he immediately promised to administer shock therapy to the economy (whether it will take 500 days – he did not specify), and first of all devalued the native peso by 50%. Well, ok, the peso, in fact, is the second matter that was dealt with – and first of all, he reduced more than half of the ministries in the government: instead of 19, there will now be only 9 of them.

By the way, a certain Santiago Caputo became Miley’s political adviser – who went viral last week thanks to his Russian-language tattoos. They say that Santiago took the tattoo sketches directly from the Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia publication: on his right hand, he has the phrase “A house, a dacha and a savings account, a boat, a wheelbarrow and a garage will calm my misery.”

Okay, everything is clear on the right, but why is there a rooster in a crown on the left? Santiago, it seems that you accidentally opened the wrong section of the “Encyclopedia of Russian prison guards”!!

Crypto-citizenship for crypto

El Salvador made a strong bid in the “most dubious citizenship-by-investment program” category. The idea is as follows: you donate $1 million in Bitcoins or USDT to the treasury of El Salvador for free – and in return you receive a passport. Well, that’s…

The passport itself, by the way, is blue!

ChatGPT hits back at Google (even though it’s December)

Do you remember last week’s scandal about the “quasi-fake” video presentation of Google’s new Gemini neural network? So, some dude from the Internet decided “you can implement all this through ChatGPT right now” – and on his knee made a similar demo about communicating with a chat via video and voice (something that the Googlers did not actually have, but they creatively depicted with the help of installation). It turned out funny, although without editing, of course, it would not be so funny.

The guys from Microsoft also issued a response to Google’s statement in the style of “our new Gemini does your gloomy GPT-4 in all tests.” To sum up their response briefly, it goes something like “we played around with the GPT-4 query format for a couple of days, and for some reason we got results that were way higher than yours…” Ouch!

And finally, the list of weird optimizations for ChatGPT queries keeps on growing. If earlier we already learned that after the phrases “take a deep breath” and “I’ll give you a generous tip” the neural network for some reason starts trying to answer better, how about a new insight: if the chatbot thinks it’s December, then it starts to get lazy and write Shorter answers .

A list of the top ChatGPT query optimizations from the experts. The Cyberpunk We Deserve: Robots That Answer “Let’s Get It After the Holidays, Huh?”

Robot Mask in one line

Tesla has released a new video featuring its humanoid robot Optimus, which learns to move with the help of AI. Look good there!

It just so happens that the meta-topic of this digest seems to be eggs…

The EU agreed to Regulation II

In Europe, The AI ​​​​Act was agreed with large-scale regulation of artificial intelligence models. A brief summary is here.

Hacking crypto wallets from Ledger

One of the developers of the hardware crypto wallet Ledger was hacked and through him the interface of this wallet was broken for interaction with third-party DeFi applications. Hackers took cryptos worth about half a million dollars (then, of course, these USDT addresses of the attackers were frozen by Tether itself).

S&P now rates stablecoins

The well-known rating agency Standard & Poor’s from the world of traditional finance has begun to evaluate the stability of stablecoins (sorry for the tautology). In their opinion, USDC, USDP, and GUSD look better than the others (good, not great), and USDT and DAI are not even good.

Good news of the week

The streaming platform Twitch has eased its restrictions on the display of erotic content.

What do you think, is it time for me to start hot tub streams on this platform already? 🤔

However, within a few days, the drawn porn was still banned back by the rules.

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