Money transfers Russia-Kazakhstan in 2024

Money transfers Russia-Kazakhstan in 2024

The year 2024 has come and it is time to review the possibility of translations from Russia to Kazakhstan and back.

According to the official data of the National Bank of Kazakhstan, for the past 2023, the main share of international money transfers between individuals of Russia and Kazakhstan has always been held by the “Golden Crown” service.

But one nuance remained with them: The mobile application does not allow you to transfer money online.

Will come to walk to the Bank. At the same time, the best conditions for translations in terms of exchange rate and commission still remain. It is not for nothing that this service captured most of the market.

Next, we try bank cards. I will take the most popular: in Russia: Sber, Tinkoff; in Kazakhstan: Caspian and Khalyk.

Let’s start with the direction: Russia — Kazakhstan: and Sber and Tinkoff cannot transfer to Caspian and Khalyk cards from your mobile apps:

At the same time, Sber offers to make a transfer to the Bank account with all details. This service works, but since we are considering “from card to card” we will not dig into it. At the same time, I would like to note that Oschad offers a service by which the recipient in Kazakhstan can walk to the bank and receive a cash transfer. According to the idea, this is an event on the territory of the Golden Crown. Let’s see, such a big competitor, according to the idea, should lower translation commissions in the market as a whole.

The direction Kazakhstan – Russia, from the Caspian to Sber, from the Caspian to Tinkoff – everything is deafthe application does not allow you to take a screenshot, but take my word for it – there are no transfers to cards of the banks described above.

They say that you can transfer rubles from Russia to Kazakhstan from a Russian bank card through the correspondent account at Raiffeisenbank. Rubles will be automatically converted into tenge. The money will go to the recipient’s Kaspi Gold.

But it does not work with Sber and Tinkoff (both under sanctions), only through the Raiffeisen app, and the translation takes up to 5 working days, which is very inconvenient for me.

In principle, the situation is similar for Khalyk Bank, Except that Khalyk is a partner of “Golden Crown”. In 2023, it was possible to transfer “Golden Crown” through the Bank’s mobile application, but now this function has disappeared. You have to go to the branch.

Moving on: almost all Kazakh banks can make SWIFT transfers to any Russian bank., which was not sanctioned: Raiffeisenbank, Uni Credit Bank, etc., there are not so many of them in fact. If you download bank programs and sit for two hours, you can send a SWIFT transfer and receive it through the bank program. Works in both directions Russia-Kazakhstan. Very small commission, but translations take a very long time, deadlines reach 5 working days.

At the end of 2023, a major player, QIWI Kazakhstan, entered the market of international transfers between Russia and Kazakhstan. More precisely, he has always been, but now he has taken up this direction much more seriously – he has launched a new service for replenishing cards of Russian banks. Aggressively conducts an advertising campaign. He is the only one in the first places in search results. It is immediately visible: a considerable budget is being poured.

So, you can simply enter “replenishment from Kazakhstan” and the search will show options for WORLD, Mastercard and VISA. Next, enter the card number and the amount to transfer. The commission will be 200 tenge — regardless of the amount of the top-up. The last step is to confirm the payment. A code from SMS is entered, the money comes to the card instantly,” the advertisement states. But I was never able to translate from the site. I had to download the mobile application, go through verification. Next, QIWI asked to create and replenish a QIWI wallet in order to send a transfer to a card to Russia from it. Replenishment of the wallet from the Kazakh card TSILI 3% (what about the commission of 200 tenge, stated in the advertisement?). After replenishing the wallet, the procedure for transferring money from Kazakhstan to Russia began – it stopped at another verification and that was the end of it. Several days have passed, but the application is still not approved.

I read in the chats that it is necessary to go to the post office with all the documents and undergo full verification of the person on the spot. Then it will be possible to make translations.

From Russia to Kazakhstan QIWI translations work clearly – like clockwork!

Let’s consider other services for international money transfers.

Contact – unchanged from last year. If you need to transfer or receive to an international VISA or MasterCard card, it will not work, because the service works strictly with cards issued in Russia and Chinese Union Pay cards.

In July 2023, Unistream were included in the list of sanctions, after which many Kazakh banks suspended cooperation with the payment system. It seems possible to transfer from Kazakhstan to Russia, for an additional commission of 1.5%, but it did not work for me with the cards of Caspi Bank and Khalyk Bank, the system freezes at the stage of debiting the funds itself.

At the end of 2023, the recipient exchange service didn’t work but now it’s working again. They introduced innovations – they are not very convenient for me.

Now there are two options to transfer money between Russia and Kazakhstan, the first is long, but profitable (I myself did not wait for a response to my ad), the second is fast, but expensive.

Basically, the Service worked as it did last year, and it still works, only the procedures and policies have become more complicated (for some reason!).

Last year’s AVOSEND service was the leader in all parameters since the new year, to my great regret, he has also changed his policy (the shadow of sanctions has overtaken him). Now it can only work with cards issued in Russia and Chinese UnionPay cards. And therefore, it is no longer a market that we are considering.

SendNomad service, which follows it in terms of quality and speed not working since the beginning of the year. On the website, the announcement says that it will work soon. Will look forward to it, it was a good service.


Despite the sanctions, services on the market are trying to work, change, survive. As long as there is a market and people in Russia and Kazakhstan need to transfer money to each other, the entrepreneurial initiative will live on – money transfer will be!

PS Didn’t specifically say anything about P to P transfers on crypto exchanges, as I was scammed there before the new year. Yes, the exchange froze my assets in the liar’s wallet, but it doesn’t make me any better. I cannot dispose of my money now and it is not clear when I will return it.

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