Mitap A?. Frontend Community #6: about TypeScript

Mitap A?. Frontend Community #6: about TypeScript

March 21 the 6th meeting of the A?.Frontend community will take place, where we will talk in detail about TypeScript, compare it with JS, and determine the pros and cons of using it. Briefly about the program.

🌿 TypeScript: An introduction to the world of robust programming

JavaScript: a powerful, free language, but its quirks are familiar to every developer. Errors, untyped data, confusing code – it can become a nightmare even for an experienced programmer.

TypeScript: A solution that tames JavaScript. Static typing, modules, classes, tooltips in your IDE all make your code more reliable, readable, and understandable.


Oleksandr Chernov

Frontend developer at Alfa-Bank

🌿 Transitioning to TypeScript: smooth changes and unforeseen complexities

Let’s talk about the importance of TypeScript in development: we will discuss methods of manual and automatic project migration. I will tell you how we coped with the migration of our monolith and what pitfalls were discovered in the process. The report will help you understand whether it is worth switching to TypeScript at all.


Rustam Sultanbekov

Middle Frontend developer in Avito

🌿 Generate – type

Let’s talk about the advanced capabilities of Typescript. Let’s consider how they allow us to effectively type even complex scenarios that in practice. We’ll explore real-world examples of using Mapped Types, Conditional Types, Template Literal Types, and other advanced types, and learn how code generation can be the key to typing complex data structures, ensuring your code is clean, safe, and scalable.


Oleksandr Serov

Senior Frontend developer at UULA

🌿 Generics – What? Where? When?

TypeScript is a powerful tool, but for many newbies, writing types can become an unloved chore. To avoid a lot of duplication and simplify type maintenance, there are many tools. One such tool is Generics. Together with you, we will understand what it is and how to use this tool effectively.


The theme of the Senyuks

Senior interface developer at Yandex

The meeting will be held on March 21 (Thursday) at 18:30 online. Register for the meeting via the link. We will also publish a link to the broadcast in our Telegram group, join.

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