mistrust of AI reigns in workplaces

mistrust of AI reigns in workplaces

Four out of five workers say their employers do not have guidelines for the use of artificial intelligence, and barely half of them welcome the arrival of AI in their organization, a new international survey shows. This is reported by Axios.

Why it matters: many organizations lack a common vision on how to use artificial intelligence, and this lack of consensus can prevent them from integrating artificial intelligence into their operations.

Details: according to a survey conducted by Workday (a company that develops enterprise software), 62% of business leaders (managers and direct reports) welcome artificial intelligence in their organization (among employees in non-management positions such 52%).

The lack of enthusiasm is partly due to employee concerns that their organization will put their interests ahead of their own when deploying AI.

Workday reports that 1,375 business leaders and 4,000 employees in 15 countries participated in the survey conducted in November and December.

Although employees are skeptical about how artificial intelligence will be used in their workplace, 61% of employees expect AI to provide “transformation” in their organization. While 32% prefer AI to stick to the status quo.

Jim Stratton, Workday’s CTO, told Axios that the biggest AI risk an organization faces is being paralyzed by uncertainty.

The antidote, he says, is a “comprehensive approach to AI responsibility.” That is, the creation of AI principles, their clear communication and the appointment of a broad team to manage them.

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