Microsoft has warned of outages for legacy Teams clients until the end of March 2024

Microsoft has warned of outages for legacy Teams clients until the end of March 2024

Microsoft has published a notice in the Microsoft 365 Message Center detailing the end of support for the legacy Teams messaging infrastructure.

The company emphasized the importance of updating and using the latest versions of its software to avoid service interruptions and other problems.

According to Microsoft, the outdated service infrastructure for exchanging messages in the chat will stop working normally by the end of March 2024. After that, customers of versions of Teams older than three months may experience delayed messages in individual, group chats and channels.

This change will affect the mobile and desktop versions of Microsoft Teams, as well as virtual desktop interface (VDI) clients. However, meeting rooms, Surface Hub, or the web version will not be affected.

Microsoft has provided a quick guide for updating Teams to the latest version on desktop and mobile devices. The desktop client installs updates automatically, and a new version is usually released monthly. Teams could remain in the old version if the user did not restart it for a long time.

Desktop clients can be downloaded from if users have the appropriate local permissions. Administrator rights are not required to install the Teams client on Windows PCs, but they are required on Mac computers.

To check your client version, in Teams, click the dot next to your profile picture, then click Check for Updates. At the same time, a banner may appear: “We will check and install all updates while you continue to work.” The banner will also tell you if the latest version is being used and no update is required.

To update mobile apps, you need to open them in Google Play or the App Store.

Previously, Microsoft added a private calling feature to Teams. This tool gives users a second number accessible only to selected contacts. Calls through this channel are distinguished by a unique message and melody, so they cannot be confused with ordinary ones.

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