Microsoft Copilot appeared in Notepad Windows 11

Microsoft Copilot appeared in Notepad Windows 11

Microsoft introduced Notepad update for Windows 11. Now it works with Copilot. It will help analyze the content of text files.

The “Explain with Copilot” option will allow you to interpret log files, code segments, or any content you choose. To use it, you need to select a piece of text or code, right-click and select “Explain with Copilot” from the menu, or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+E.

The feature is available on devices with Copilot on Windows.

The Scissors tool has also been updated. It now has the ability to add shapes to screenshots, including rectangles, ovals, lines and arrows for markup. To get started, click the New Shapes button on the toolbar and select the shape you want. If desired, you can change the color of the fill or outline. Then you need to drag the shape to any place on the image. You can resize, move, or change color before you click. You can delete shapes using the eraser or the undo action.

Earlier, insiders reported that the Cowriter tool will appear in Notepad, which will allow you to rewrite the text, reduce or increase its size. The function will also help to change the tone of the text.

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