Meta will mark images created by other companies’ AI

Meta will mark images created by other companies’ AI

Meta, which owns Facebook, Instagram and Threads, will begin tagging images created by other companies with artificial intelligence in the coming months. The company’s global president, Nick Clegg, wrote about it on the Meta blog.

Meta will embed invisible markers in image files to tag them on Facebook, Instagram and Threads, the official said. The company wants to warn users that these images, which often look like real photos, are actually generated by artificial intelligence.

The company already tags content created with its own AI tools. Once the new system is implemented, Meta will also tag artwork created by Alphabet’s OpenAI, Microsoft, Adobe, Midjourney, Shutterstock and Google services.

Meta will also begin requiring people to self-label their own modified audio and video content and will threaten penalties for non-compliance. However, Clegg did not specify what exact punishment awaits violators.

He added that there is currently no effective mechanism for tagging written text generated by AI tools such as ChatGPT.

As ProIT reported, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said last month that the company plans to buy 350,000 H100 GPUs from Nvidia, which makes the most powerful GPUs used for artificial intelligence. According to him, together with other suppliers, Meta will be able to accumulate 600 thousand chips.

Earlier, ProIT also reported that access to content on Facebook and Instagram will be restricted to teenagers.

Recall that EU data privacy laws created such a problem for Meta that it introduced a subscription fee to circumvent them.

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