Meta to build first AI data center for $800 million in Indiana

Meta to build first AI data center for $800 million in Indiana

Facebook parent company Meta will build one of its first data centers dedicated to generative AI workloads.

The center is planned to open in Jeffersonville (Indiana, USA) in 2026. The project is expected to create approximately 100 operational jobs and perform about 1,250 construction jobs at a cost of $800 million, NetworkWorld reports.

The new data center was announced by Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb and Meta executives. The data center will run exclusively on renewable energy sources, according to a statement released by the Indiana Economic Development Corporation.

The new Meta data center will total nearly 700,000 square feet (65,000 sq m) and will be one of the company’s first to be designed with AI workloads in mind, according to a company spokesperson.

Its hardware will be a mix of proprietary silicon and GPUs, and will feature high-density racks and networked server placement (the servers and network equipment will share the same physical infrastructure).

“It also makes our fiber deployment more efficient because we need a significant amount of fiber to connect these servers,” – said Meta infra data center global engineering director Alan Duong.

The factory will also have direct-to-chip liquid cooling, similar to the liquid cooling circuits found in enthusiast desktop PCs, but on a larger scale.

Such cooling systems are believed to be more cost-effective than liquid cooling or air cooling technology.

In exchange for locating the new data center on 619 acres of land in the River Ridge Mall in Jeffersonville, Meta will receive a 35-year sales tax exemption from the state of Indiana. This period can be extended if the company decides to expand its plans to create a data center in the region.

“The economic activity around this new data center will benefit every sector of our economy. We appreciate everyone who worked to bring Meta to Jeffersonville.” said Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore.

Artificial intelligence is a key factor contributing to increasing data center workloads. So more and more companies are building capacity to offer others or develop their own solutions. This, in turn, caused a significant demand for energy.

A recent report by the International Energy Agency shows that global data center electricity consumption could equal Japan’s entire current needs by 2026.

ProIT previously reported that Meta will buy up to 350,000 Nvidia H100 GPUs in 2024.

We also wrote that access to content on Facebook and Instagram will be limited to teenagers.

Recall that EU data privacy laws created such a problem for Meta that it introduced a subscription fee to circumvent them.

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