“Merlion” has registered a brand of its own SSD drives, power supplies and cases for computers

“Merlion” has registered a brand of its own SSD drives, power supplies and cases for computers

Russian electronics supplier “Merlion” plans to produce SSD drives, power supplies and cases for PCs. As Kommersant reports, the company intends to sell components under its own brand (STM), but they will be produced in China.

According to the interlocutor of the publication, the director of the computer peripherals department of “Marvel-Distribution” Petro Gorbey, such a step should be expected from other major market participants as well. According to him, STM implies the presence of several contract manufacturers, which helps to monitor the quality of products, maintain the optimal level of prices and stability of supplies.

“Distributors go for the creation of STM, because it is not always possible to protect their investments in the development of the market in another way,” he said.

Another expert explains that up to 90% of Chinese companies with whom distributors sign a contract for promotion do not want to enter into exclusive partnerships, so having an STM is more reliable than selling components under Chinese brands.

Anton Guskov, a representative of the association of trading companies and manufacturers of electrical household and computer equipment RATEK, believes that now a new player can take a significant share of the market of components for assembling computers, since after February 2022 many large suppliers have left the Russian Federation.

“In this segment, as a rule, it is not the brand that matters to the buyer, but consumer qualities,” he emphasizes. In his opinion, now “private brands have high chances for growth, and those who have already gained successful experience in developing their own brands have an additional advantage.”

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