Merger of Tinkoff and Rosbank, Huawei fingerprint scanner and Sony tactile gamepad: news digest

Merger of Tinkoff and Rosbank, Huawei fingerprint scanner and Sony tactile gamepad: news digest

Huawei invents its fingerprint scanner in order not to pay for other people’s patents; Sony is inventing a gaming cryptocurrency, and Tinkoff will absorb Rosbank. The main news in the field of intellectual property is in our digest.

Tinkoff will take Rosbank under its umbrella

Two major players may unite in the Russian banking market. These are billionaires Volodymyr Potanin Tinkoff and Rosbank, which belong to the Interros group of companies.

Both firms are expected to retain their brands and separate banking licenses. “Currently, we are talking about the intention to integrate assets under the umbrella of the holding. Shareholders will decide. For now, it is too early to talk about other principled decisions,” — said “Komersant” is the chairman of the board of directors of “Tinkoff” Oleksiy Malinovskyi.

He is explainedThat the integration of banks will strengthen their position in the market due to “the complementarity of business models and possible synergies due to the implementation of the effect of scale.”

The final decision on integration and its form has not yet been made. The Board of Directors of the Tinkoff Group “plans to initiate an extraordinary meeting of shareholders at which the issue of integration will be put to a vote.” It is possible that the approval of the operation will have to wait for the antimonopoly authorities.

Trading of Tinkoff Bank’s securities on Mosbourge is currently suspended as part of the redomicilation that ended in February (re-registration of the company’s legal entity to its country of origin, in this case from Cyprus to Russian Island, Vladivostok). They will recover on Monday, March 18, 2024.

Rosbank’s shares rose by 17.5% in price a day after the news appeared (at the time of publication). Rosbank and Tinkoff rank 11th and 12th, respectively rating of Russian banks from

Russian women are becoming more and more resourceful

In 2023, Russian women received 9,854 patents. The share of patent documents registered by women from the total number of patents increased from 24% to 28% during the year

We at Online Patent obtained these data after analyzing the Rospatent database at the request of the press. In general, women issued 11% more patents per year than in 2022. In general, the activity of Russian inventors over the past year increased by 9% compared to the previous one.

The Chinese implemented Apple’s patented touch screen for headphones

In the former Twitter ran away image of a case for AirPods from a Chinese manufacturer that implemented the touchscreen technology patented by Apple in 2021. The screen is activated when the case cover is opened, on it you can control noise suppression, use the headphone search function, and adjust the equalizer. The display shows the time, battery level and Bluetooth status.

Toyota celebrates 10 years of innovation leadership in the US

For the tenth year in a row, the Japanese concern leads the rating of the number of American patents received by automakers. Against the background of a general decline in the country (in 2023, 3% fewer patents were issued in all industries than in 2022) Toyota took 7th place in the ranking of all companies with 2667 patents. Among them are such developments as:

  • Kinetic seat cushions. They allow the driver and passengers not to bounce on road bumps, absorbing vertical and horizontal vibrations of the vehicle. Will appear in the 2024 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro.

  • Woven composite with a steel matrixCarbon fiber reinforced is a fabric that allows you to get a stiff material that weighs less without compromising performance.

  • Dual-function coil for wireless batteries. A battery option that can be charged contactlessly from the mains and transfer energy to an auxiliary power source in the car (source of interior lighting, illumination of controls, screens, etc.).

Huawei finds independence in fingerprint scanning

Huawei received a patent for an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. It is likely that the technology will become the basis for the fingerprint scanner of the Chinese manufacturer’s mobile devices.

Nowadays, ultrasonic scanners are already found in flagship models of smartphones, for example, in the S-series of Samsung. But they are based on Qualcomm patents. Huawei may have an alternative solution.

Sony: “feel the weight of the gun and the recoil”

Sony received a patent for a controller design with a weighted component that allows the player to be given haptic feedback by distributing weight through rotation.

“A weighted component is integrated into the controller, which has freedom of rotation relative to the controller. By rotating, it displaces the mass of the controller in response to a trigger event. This provides tactile feedback to the user,” the patent explains.

This technology, the Japanese corporation believes, can provide the player with quite a variety of sensations. For example, the controller can tilt to the side or jerk like a weapon when fired. Until this technology is implemented, Sony is able to provide tactile feedback only by vibration.

Sony took a stab at a new gaming cryptocurrency

Also the maker of the PlayStation applied for a patent to “super-fungible” (Super-Fungible) tokens for games. It is a blockchain-based internal currency that players earn for in-game activity, which they can use to purchase unique in-game assets and trade them with each other. The invention should remove the problem of losing interest in the game due to the fact that the user cannot do anything with the purchased items.

The main innovation here is precisely the storage of game currency in a distributed ledger tied to a specific game.

At the moment, blockchain-based Non-Fungible tokens, NFTs, non-fungible tokens, which are unique objects, are common in games.

Sony is not far from blockchain technology: the company has had partnerships in the creation and distribution of NFTs, and also has a patent for the technology of cross-platform trading of such tokens.

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