Mark Andreessen published the “Manifesto of a techno-optimist”

Mark Andreessen published the “Manifesto of a techno-optimist”

The famous investor and billionaire Marc Andreessen published an essay of about 5 thousand words, in which he tried to reveal his philosophical views, built on the belief that technology can solve almost all serious social and environmental problems. The Techno-Optimist’s Manifesto contains many references and quotations, from the ideas of Adam Smith to the statements of Ray Kurzwell. There are unexpected analogies, for example, the myth of Prometheus in Andreessen’s play continues the story of Frankenstein, Oppenheimer and the Terminator. One of the main conclusions of the billionaire’s emotional text is the idea that slowing down the development of AI is equivalent to murder.

According to Andreessen, AI is a universal problem-solver: “There are many common causes of death that can be addressed with AI, from car crashes to pandemics and accidental shootings in war.”

“Manifesto of a techno-optimist” consists of 15 parts with “conversational” subtitles: “Lies”, “Truth”, “Technologies”, “Markets”, “Enemy”. Moreover, according to Andreessen, the “bad” ideas: “sustainable development”, “social responsibility” and “risk management”, which inhibit the development of technologies, fell into the category of enemies.

404 media notes that Andreessen didn’t say anything new with his manifesto, and “a massive essay that quotes everyone from Friedrich Nietzsche to anonymous Twitter contributors boils down to basically a boring libertarian argument.”

Andreessen is convinced that technology is good for society, that free markets are the best way to organize a technological economy, and that any attempt to prevent the marriage of the two, namely through regulation, is harmful to humanity.

“Our civilization is built on technology…there is no material problem created by nature or technology that can be solved by new technology.”

“Artificial intelligence can save lives if we let it.”

“Energy is life.”

“We believe that we should combine intelligence and energy in a positive feedback loop and take it to infinity.”

Insider reminds that this is not the first time that Andreessen has shared his “techno-optimistic” views. In June of this year, he already appeared on his blog with a statement entitled “Why AI will save the world”, suggesting that government agencies and all those who seek to regulate AI “get out of the way”. At the same time, his ideas differ from those expressed by other tech leaders, such as Elon Musk and Sam Altman, who warn about the threat that AI can pose to society.

Forbes estimates Mark Andreessen’s fortune at $1.8 billion; he is the co-founder and general partner of venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, which has invested in such AI startups as Character.AI and Hippocratic AI.

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