Lying in business. 23 phrases that every entrepreneur in Russia has encountered

Lying in business. 23 phrases that every entrepreneur in Russia has encountered

Hello, I have collected from various sources the best lie (can you call it a trick) that I’m sure every first time businessman has heard. I do not pretend to be complete, the collective mind of subscribers helped me make the selection. Add your experience in the comments!

I would like to point out that middle managers who are in the difficult position of a sandwich most often lie :). On the one hand, you need to make a successful project (the cheaper, the better), on the other hand, you are being pressured by high-minded superiors. Personally, for 10 years in business, I have heard similar phrases countless times. And in 90% of cases the result was predictable… It is difficult to blame the managers, because. you can understand them (even the rhyme came out).

So, they chased:

1. Money is not a problem! We will easily pay as much as you need. Do the main thing!

2. We are with you for a very long time!

3. Let’s work this project to “zero”, if everything goes well, then we will give you the best contracts!

4. We would have paid for your services a long time ago, but our director (deputy) is on vacation, and I cannot do anything without his signature 🙁 This is the first time for us, the main thing is not to stop work…

5. We have carefully reviewed your presentation and commercial proposal!

6. I’m not lying, we have a cheaper offer, but we’d love to work with you!

7. Usually it’s different for us, but this particular project is kind of cursed. Let’s strain together!

8. This project will be overseen by our experienced manager Vasya, you can always count on his assistance!

9. We forgot to invite you to the tender – we are very sorry. We do not understand how this happened, because we have been working together for so many years 🙁

10. We really want to work with you, but your technology stack is not suitable for us, according to the CEO himself – he likes React/Kotlin/Apach/Web3, etc.

11. We never work in advance. Never with anyone. These are the rules of the company. We even buy water for the office with a delay of 120 days.

12. When we make a decision, we will definitely call you back — business ethics comes first!

13. We are not a greedy company, but we would like to pay for the result…

14. Do everything for us now for free, promote and collect your % – earn a lot, we pay honestly.

15. We are hearing about you for the first time, and we are honestly afraid to start working. Give us the maximum discount to make sure you’re a professional. I promise, we will work with you constantly!

16. We have sent out a request to everyone, we want to compare the prices of others. If your price is the best, we will definitely call you back!

17. Materials will be provided on time, let’s finish in 2 weeks! We will not beat you.

18. When we make a decision, we will definitely call you back!

19. The money has been transferred, wait, you will see within three days (and then: something, the bank returned the payment, the accounting department lacks documents, the financier does not accept) – let’s start work (making shipments).

20. This is how you hand over documents to me, no escort is needed!

21. Well, you finish what you started, then we will sign the addendum and make changes.

22. More people are needed, we will all compensate you. Do the main thing – because the general will punish me!

23. Well, the designer/spouse screwed up.

I emphasize – there are happy exceptions to these points, where people are responsible for their words. But, unfortunately, this is a rarity, and such customers should be avoided.

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