lip_SKUD – parental control for turnstiles

lip_SKUD – parental control for turnstiles

There is absolutely no problem with self-promotion, so I will simply tell you what a simple development has turned into – described in the previous article – which, however, is already being plagiarized.

It was originally a bot to work with the Sigur software, with normal reactions to login/logout events. As I described in the initial article – the development turned out to be abandoned for a long time.

And so, a year ago, an entrepreneur from Kazakhstan contacted me with a request to help implement parental control in schools with state procurement. The software there was completely unfamiliar to me – but it was more interesting.

In order to work with software that does not send reactions like Sigur, it was necessary to have some separate program for monitoring passages. This is how the lip_SKUD program appeared (I call it a utility). The logic on the server and the bot had to be completely rewritten. It took, fortunately, not so much time, but due to the fact that there were already more than one programs served by the utility (Sigur and the one unknown to me, from which the rebirth of the original idea began), a universal solution was needed. It was wrong to update the utility itself every time, so it was decided to move the functions of working with different ECU software into separate libraries. Each user will receive only library updates, the utility itself remains the same for everyone and is updated only globally, as needed.

A separate bot is created for each organization, which allows organizations to set some of their own settings for it, such as an avatar, name, etc., but there are still some recommendations and mandatory conditions.

Screenshots (820 KB)

Bot to manage

Bot for users

Utility (animated image, 30 sec)

Supported by EVERYWHERE:

The functionality for the “Strelka” map had to be removed, since it is used only in the Moscow region, and I used this functionality alone 😁. To work in Kazakhstan, the copyright of the program was registered and, surprisingly, after some time a plagiarism appeared written in Python called LAVSSUD, which repeats the console view of the utility, but without the icon, status bar and right panel with a QR code and other information However, the utility is unique, because it looks perfect, in semi-automatic mode it adjusts itself to the used software – it does not need to be rewritten and recompiled for the next organization every time – and it has all the data to check it and the bot for originality. There is even a strangely sad story with the same people who created this plagiarism: the utility was installed on a PC with a SKUD Orion Pro, and these people maintained this software. When the school installed my utility as part of another turnstile maintenance contract (he wasn’t incarcerated yet, it was a demo), these people took the PC to study, and the school was told that parental controls for Orion were impossible. Even though the utility was shown to the school and the passage notifications were confirmed, the contract was not concluded precisely because the school believed the people who had operated the turnstile up to that point, rather than the facts (which is very strange, but unpleasant). . Of course, the bot was immediately blocked to prevent these people from peeking into how the utility works. After some time, they contacted me to get the opportunity to use the utility, but the price did not suit them (since it was appointed by the official distributor in Kazakhstan), and that was the end of it. After that, they started doing something of their own (which, by the way, is easy to decompile and get access to the login code, password and database address entered directly in the code).

Screenshot of the result of the /check command (167 KB)
To check for originality, the /check command is used in the main work of @lip_SKUD_bot

Links to documentation


At the moment, 10 organizations use the utility, about 3,000 messages are sent every week. Development of the utility and documentation was completed yesterday. The utility is not advertised anywhere, because development is more of a soul. It is incredibly nice to finish something and with a calm soul go to bed and get up in the morning, figuring out what to do for the next few years, while I myself passively wait for some miracle that will brighten up life.

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