Linux Upscale – Linux training program and immersion in DevOps

Linux Upscale – Linux training program and immersion in DevOps

Hello, Habre!

We have a tradition every year to teach cool specialists how to access Red Hata (RHEL-based distributions). We invite Linux engineers to train in DevOps and receive an offer based on the results of the program Linux Upscale. The training consists of several modules: a basic and advanced course with Linux, a course with Ansible. At the end of each course there is a laboratory work, the results of which are evaluated by experts.

There will be a one-week break between courses to go over the material again and consolidate the steps in KROC Cloud with practice. Upon successful completion of the first three modules, participants will continue learning K8s, Docker and Git while working in one of the CROC Cloud Services teams.

A few formalities: the program provides a scholarship, the study lasts 2 months (April-May) and involves full-time loading. Training takes place offline in Moscow. If there is no possibility to come, we will connect online.

You can read more Online. By the way, we hid an Easter egg there)

The program is for you if you:

<Вже працював з Linux і плануєш далі>

< Віддаєш перевагу командному рядку замість UI >

< Вмієш писати сценарії автоматизації на Bash або Python >

< Знаєш основи TCP/IP, DNS, HTTP >

<Готовий навчатися, орієнтуючись на практику>

< Хочеш підняти рівень професійної експертизи >

Reviews of graduates of previous years:

Dmytro Gorielko, senior engineer of CROC Cloud Services

I had experience working with Linux for about 5 years, but after that I changed the field of activity, engaged in entrepreneurship. Some knowledge was lost and actual experience was lacking. I decided that the best investment is an investment in my education. In the program, I systematized the knowledge I already had, and as a result, I immediately went to work as an engineer.

Volodymyr Leskovich, senior engineer of CROC Cloud Services

Before completing the program, I had little experience in administering Linux servers. The school attracted me with the opportunity to expand and systematize my knowledge. I had several offers, but I settled on the Linux School from KROC. And he did not regret it. After completing the course, I immediately entered the position of an engineer, and now I am a team leader for the operation of infrastructure services.

Anton Seliverstov, participant of the 2021 program.

I came to Linux from a different background – I worked in logistics and had nothing to do with IT. But I decided to try to learn on my own: I read a lot and took short courses. But a deeper dive was not enough to start working on real projects. a year after school, I work on an equal footing with experienced IT specialists.”

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