Linux 6.8 was released

Linux 6.8 was released

On March 10, 2024, Linus Torvalds presented the first stable release of the Linux 6.8 kernel. The release of the new version of the Linux kernel is on schedule, two months after the release of the previous stable version of Linux 6.7 in early January 2024.

Linux 6.8 source code is available for download at Linux kernel 6.8 release commit on GitHub and Makefile (and Git) by Linus Torvalds.

The new version of the Linux kernel contains a large number of changes, updates and enhancements, as well as fixes for previously discovered bugs (Linux 6.8 changelog).

Linux 6.8 adds support for new AMD Zen 5 hardware, adds new features for Intel Lunar Lake, early support for AMD color management code, adds Intel Xe DRM driver as part of experimental support with current Intel graphics, adds Imagination PowerVR Rogue DRM driver, appeared initial support for the Raspberry Pi 5 graphics driver, as well as support for a number of ARM-based handheld game consoles and the Nintendo Switch Online controller. Scheduler customization has been extended in the core code and TCP performance has been increased by approximately 40% when dealing with many simultaneous network connections.

“This is not a historic big release like 6.7. We seem to be back to the average release size of the last few years. We don’t have any obvious big new file systems or architectures here, for example. I think the biggest new thing in 6.8 is probably the new Xe drm driver, but to be honest most of the changes are just various random updates and fixes all over the place. It should be so.

In a sea of ​​normality, one thing that stands out is the slightly random git numerology. This is the last major core to have less than 10 million git objects. In fact, we’re at 9.996 million objects, so we’ve gotten really close to hitting that non-milestone, if not for a nice lull in the last couple of weeks. Other branches – especially linux-next – have obviously already confidently crossed this limit.

Of course, apart from a beautiful round number, there is nothing special about it. Git doesn’t matter,”

– Linus Torvalds explained.

After the release, the Linux 6.8 kernel is planned to be used by the community in the new builds of Ubuntu 24.04 LTS, Fedora 40 and other spring releases of the Linux distribution.

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