Linus Tech Tips released a review of Flipper Zero / Habr

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Linus Tech Tips reviewed the Flipper Zero, a versatile hacking tool that raised $4.8 million on Kickstarter in 2020. The device can read and save data, as well as emulate signals, but Linus Sebastian believes similar capabilities can be reproduced using Arduino or Raspberry Pi. The gadget has been seized by Brazilian customs and deemed a security risk by Amazon, which has banned private sellers from listing it on its site. However, the developers have used Flipper Zero to read RFID tags on cats and turn traffic signals green for special vehicles, as well as informally rescuing a homeless cat.

Linus Tech Tips released a review of Flipper Zero / Habr

The Linus Tech Tips channel has a Flipper Zero review. The founder of the channel, Linus Sebastian, tried to understand whether this gadget is too dangerous to be widely available to consumers, or whether it is simply an unfounded fear, since the device itself does not violate the laws of the countries where it is sold or shipped by the manufacturer.

According to Sebastian, Flipper Zero is actually one of the most versatile hacking tools ever to hit the market. He also believes that the real capabilities of the gadget (including reading and saving data, as well as emulating signals) are not only limited, but can be almost completely reproduced using Arduino or Raspberry Pi along with available additional boards and modules.

In July 2020, a day after its launch on Kickstarter, the Flipper Zero project


over $1 million on August 29 on Kickstarter


collecting applications for the electronic multitool. The gadget raised $4,882,784. The project has 37,987 backers on the crowdfunding platform.

In January 2022, the Flipper Zero team started shipping gadgets to bakers around the world. Some lucky people of the Russian Federation also received a device.

Last November, the developers told the story of saving one homeless cat with the help of Flipper Zero, and the Flipper Zero team showed the process of mass reading an RFID tag from a cat.

At the beginning of February 2023, Canadian engineer Peter Fairley showed how, with the help of an IR LED matrix and the standard option “signal generator” in Flipper Zero, it is possible to turn on the green wave at traffic lights for the passage of special vehicles.

In early March 2023, Brazilian customs detained a batch of Flipper Zero to prevent the gadget from being used for criminal purposes. The devices were seized at the department’s warehouses, their transfer to recipients was blocked.

In early April, Amazon banned private sellers from listing Flipper Zero ads on its site for security reasons. The American company identified the Tamagotchi multitool for pentesters as a device for skimming bank cards. According to Amazon’s rules, hacking and theft devices are prohibited for sale on the site.

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