LG showed a prototype of a home robot on wheels with AI

LG showed a prototype of a home robot on wheels with AI

LG presented a prototype of a home robot companion developed on the basis of machine learning technologies. The device can support complex conversations and control a smart home.

The robot was named Smart Home AI Agent, but the company may later release it under a different name. It is assumed that more details about the device will be told during the CES 2024 exhibition, which will take place in January. LG positions the robot as a home companion and manager.

The device is built on the Qualcomm Robotics RB5 platform, equipped with a camera, speaker, microphones and sensors to collect information about the surrounding world. For example, the robot can learn the temperature, humidity and air quality in the room. The robot moves with the help of two wheels, which helps to balance the work. It is noted that with the help of such a design, the device can express emotions with various types of movements.

In addition, LG said that the Smart Home AI Agent is equipped with a multi-modal machine learning model. With its help, the robot recognizes voice, images and processes natural language. The device can talk, supporting almost any topic.

Other capabilities and functions of the Smart Home AI Agent:

  • manage smart home appliances;

  • perform the role of an intelligent video surveillance camera. With its help, you can monitor pets or receive alerts if suspicious activity is detected in the house;

  • greet users at the door, recognizing their emotions;

  • to remind about the need to take medicine;

  • follow the daily schedule, weather and news.

More details, including pricing and on-sale date, will be announced at CES 2024.

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