Let’s go! STEP starts GAGAR>N

Let’s go! STEP starts GAGAR>N

KROC starts using GAGAR>N servers in projects. A laboratory test-dive of Russian equipment confirmed its compatibility with a large pool of system software, as well as high performance and resistance to failure.

Let's go! STEP starts GAGAR>N

During testing, KROC checked how monitoring and management functions work on GAGAR>N servers, various operating systems are deployed, such as RED OS, CentOS, Windows Server, AstraLinux, and the zVirt virtualization platform. In addition, numerous tests were conducted on the fault tolerance and performance of the equipment (7zip, nginx, Redis, PostgreSQL and others), the convenience of installing new equipment, its diagnostics and maintenance, as well as the maintainability were checked.

The equipment is assembled, switched, marked and prepared at GAGAR>N’s own production facility – thanks to this, it is easy to put into operation immediately after delivery (it is enough to connect the power supply and the external network). The final solution in terms of density and ease of maintenance is reminiscent of blade servers.

“We help businesses get the most out of technology and successfully solve even the most complex tasks. And in the current market realities, we try to present as many Russian vendors with reliable and high-performance solutions as possible in our product portfolio. After testing GAGAR>N server equipment, we were convinced of its quality, so we see great prospects in our cooperation”

Oleksandr Sysoev, head of the “Infrastructure solutions” department of the KROC IT company.

Printed circuit board schematics, microcodes and UEFI for GAGAR>N servers are developed in Russia – the company’s solutions fully meet the specifics of Russian business and the requirements of domestic customers. And the open architecture implied by the Open Compute Project standard allows you to quickly adapt products to the changing realities of the market and use the advanced achievements of the global OCP community.

“Cooperation with KROC will allow us to combine our technological resources and partner’s expertise in deploying and supporting computing infrastructure of various levels of complexity. As a result, KROC clients will receive high-quality and reliable domestic solutions that will ensure efficiency, scalability and ease of maintenance of the server platform.”

Yevhen Laguntsov, director of the GAGAR>N competence center.

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