league of the best railway articles

league of the best railway articles

WARNING! The “Technotext” competition opens an iron nomination.

Habr changes, popular topics and authors periodically change, some leave, others come. But there are several sections, articles in which are consistently successful and capture the attention of both specialized specialists and those who happened to be here. Basically, the content of these hubs is divided into three topics: iron, DIY and information security. And if with the last two everything is more or less simple and, obviously, then the iron on Habra has a dramatic fate.

At the dawn of Habra, numerous reviewers and iron testers came with little notes, news and mini-reviews. After a while, extensive reviews and longreads appeared, and later they were joined by blogs of “iron” companies, among which Intel and ASUS were the first. A whole era of railway workers has come. A few years have passed and the focus of the audience’s interest has blurred into a huge number of directions, minds have been captured by application development, mobile development, cloud technologies, neural networks and artificial intelligence. And behind each of these technologies, by the way, there are the most powerful changes in computer hardware.

Our time. Intel is coming from Russia. Other companies are coming, the market will be confused: should we switch to an eastern resource, or create our own, will we fix our lag or forever? These troubling questions were openly voiced and are being voiced in the expert community, perspectives are evaluated, possibilities with minimal harm are considered. It is logical that for some time there were noticeably fewer articles about the gland. However, now the trend is starting to recover. So much so that after the launch of “Technotext” we began to receive questions and complaints about the lack of an “iron” nomination.

And if it is necessary, then it will be. Interesting details about this at the end of the article. For now, let’s get back to the best articles on the computer gland.

Definitely the best

  • How I fried a video card – a crazy DIY experiment to save a video card.

  • Unusual dualboot: a laptop with a double bottom – how to trick a PC so that it knows nothing about installed operating systems. Real hardcore from Technotext-2021 (of course, the winner of the competition).

  • A memory test that kills laptops – almost a detective story – a material about failed memtest runs made noise on Habre. It seems like it was literally yesterday.

  • Why is RAID-5 a “mustdie”? – cool analytics from the past. This is sorely lacking now: concise, simple, accessible and useful.

  • How to cram 16GB of memory into a motherboard that doesn’t support that amount β€” there’s always been a place for cool translations of incredible railway publications. But in general, I still want a real experience, so that the author and readers can communicate in real time on a relevant topic.

  • Meet the third-generation rover: the story of the creation of the Yandex courier robot – the winner of Technotext-2021. An article with a soul about a robot without a soul (but it’s not accurate).

  • The Evolution of ATM Skimmers – I caught myself thinking that I remember this article well, even though reading Habr wasn’t my job back then

  • Hardware acceleration of deep neural networks: GPU, FPGA, ASIC, TPU, VPU, IPU, DPU, NPU, RPU, NNP and other letters – it seems that earlier articles about neural networks were much more serious and hardcore.

  • Weekdays of a Russian cyborg – Motorika came to Khabr with unusual content, and then took it and, it seems, made the world a little happier.

  • The smallest computer

Reverse engineering

Khabra always worries:

Of course, import substitution

A timid trend that will bring a lot of new, interesting, different, debatable things:

A little history, analysis and fan

This section has a popular format of articles that can be read by both professionals and beginners, finding something of their own. The most addictive format.

The full cycle of the history of Flipper Zero and its creator Pavel [@zhovner] Jovnera is one of the most beautiful stories that arose, was born and is developing under the eyes of Habra users. An incredible world of small development that has conquered its part of global IT.

A separate heading is the iron Boomburum

Much of what has become the standard for a good iron article appeared on Habra thanks to the active involvement of @Boomburum, who was soon spotted by a UFO and transferred to Habra State (where he still works). Here’s an example of what article craze can do.

Let’s briefly explain what is the secret of a good article about strict technical things.

  1. Relevance – why now, who cares, who supports it, where it is used.

  2. Good and detailed photos are clear, relevant, moderately concise, which illustrate the material, and not just break up text blocks.

  3. Various benchmarks, experiments, reviews – all that will make your article a mini-encyclopedia.

  4. Experience of use, cases of real use, pros and cons of technology.

  5. A little fan, humor and love for your business is optional.

The best article in this category looks and feels like this: written by a professional for professionals, but even a simple “casual” user can’t tear himself away in the same way that we can’t tear ourselves away from a telescope and a map of the starry sky on the roof of a summer cottage. A few articles from Bumburum:

Pay attention to the comments – how ironic, lampoon and useful they are. And generally good.

I usually do not spare time for the preparation of publications, but still I try not to kill all my free time. This time, free time, part of the worker, and half the night were killed, because it was impossible to tear oneself away from reading. I got a lot of pleasure, which I wish you too!

And now about the nomination, what should it be. So, the nomination of the “Technotext 2023” contest…

πŸ€– Iron: design and production technologies

We looked at the market together with the company YADRO. We give our word to the company that decided not just to support and criticize the nomination, but also to reward the best.

Why is this nomination so important in 2023-2024?

Oleksiy Sigaev

director of the company’s hardware development department YADRO

“Why develop a server, motherboard, switch and such complex equipment yourself? Want to grow in this field by learning more about development?

First, it’s cool! Few can boast of such a deep dive into the underbelly of computing platform architectures. Few people can operate with a large set of abbreviations, due to which the language of an engineer seems messy to an uninitiated person. Second, this is an area in which new engineering challenges await at every step toward the horizon. And this horizon is constantly trying to escape from you. And finally, creating your own and not using someone else’s, accumulating expertise and realizing your own ideas – all this brings great satisfaction from work. We want to share this experience, becoming a driver of the development of a huge layer of the industry and a support for beginners.

Yes, miracles do not happen: for quality work in such a technological field as the development and production of iron, experience is needed, and you have to catch up with those who have been doing it for half a century. But later comes experience and respect from colleagues who represent global vendors, and the understanding that the current level is somewhat superior in design to other companies, and dozens of implemented infrastructure projects across the country. This is a difficult but exciting path, which any engineering enthusiast who collects pet projects on a cutting mat in his spare time can join if he has a great desire and with the right amount of determination.”

About the nomination

Despite the departure of a number of vendors from the Russian market, specialists and enthusiasts who develop and manufacture hardware β€” from servers and SSDs to motherboards β€” have remained in the country. They have something to share: experience, implemented projects, knowledge of existing technologies, tools, work methods. At the same time, it does not matter where the experience was gained β€” in a DIY project on a single-payer or in an enterprise. We are waiting for your texts in the nomination, the task of which is to support an important discussion about hardware in the Russian IT community.

Who can participate: Articles on the topic written between January 1, 2023 and April 14, 2024. Translations, rewrites of other people’s articles, digests and other secondary texts do not participate in the nomination.

It is also worth noting that prizes will be awarded only to winners whose texts are NOT published on the YADRO corporate blog. If the text written by an employee of the company wins by the number of points from the jury members, the gift is given to the participant who is not from the company next in terms of points.


We want to present useful prizes that will help participants realize their potential and interests in the future. There will be three prizes (most likely, we will award three different grades).


β†’ Layout board
β†’ A set of tools for electronics


β†’ Layout board
β†’ Advanced Password Recovery Tool (aka Soldering Iron 😏)
β†’ Harris’s book


β†’ Layout board
β†’ Harris’s book
β†’ Book “Digital Electronics for Beginners”
β†’ Opportunity to participate in the YADRO Impulse internship program

Participants will also have prizes from Habra.

* Delivery of prizes only in the Russian Federation (as in the entire competition). We do not consider replacing it with a cash equivalent.
** There may be several winners in the Junior category.

Submit applications and good luck to everyone!

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