Joomla Pizza, Bugs & Fun 2024 – the first session of this year on February 24

Joomla Pizza, Bugs & Fun 2024 – the first session of this year on February 24

Joomla 5.1 is currently in alpha. Numerous improvements and fixes have not yet been tested and therefore cannot yet be integrated into the Joomla core.

The nature of Joomla development is almost corporate: every change or new feature that the author wants to introduce into the core must be tested by at least 2 members of the community, in addition to the author. This is necessary in order to get a new stable version on time, so Joomla sometimes needs your help. Most of the time, it only takes a few minutes of your time, and for Joomla! this is an invaluable contribution.

For several years now, so-called Pizza, Bugs & Fun (PBF) events have been held around the world, where anyone can learn how to conduct such tests. Together, all open issues (pull requests on GitHub) are considered, tested and suggestions are made, the documentation is supplemented and improved. At the same time, PBF sponsors ensure that you do not starve to death at work 😎 You are a carrier of very valuable knowledge and experience.

The first session of this year’s #PBF will be held on February 24, 2024. Most often, members of the local community (Joomla User Group) get together somewhere in a cafe, bar or even at someone’s home and together do a lot of useful and necessary small and not-so-important tasks, which are often out of reach. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, a designer or a developer, whether you have a business or are on the payroll, you use Joomla. And only the interest of Joomla matters.

You can request your offline location and you will be added to the event map. Or meet online. The links below will help you figure it out.

Well, you can look into the Telegram Joomla chat or the portal of the Russian-speaking Joomla community

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