JetBrains shared plugin store statistics for its IDEs for 2023

JetBrains shared plugin store statistics for its IDEs for 2023

In the JetBrains blog, they shared the statistics of the plugin store for 2023 and named the most popular extensions. Along with this, the team has published updated rules for plugin developers.

The JetBrains Extension Store is five years old in September 2023. During this time, 8,800 plugins from 7,000 developers were published on the platform. Over the past year, 1,000 extensions have appeared in the store. The number of downloads for the month exceeded the mark of 6 million.

At the same time, the blog named the most popular plugins for 2023:

New for developers:

  • Added the ability to hide extensions. For example, it is useful for testing. Extensions can be published to the store, but removed from public access and reviewed, then open to all users. The feature works with both new plugins and existing updates.

  • In feedback, developers are shown the user’s configuration. With the help of this function, you can find out the IDE in which the plugin is used, its version and the version of the extension itself. This will make it easier for developers to understand the essence of the error reported by the user.

  • Added the possibility to complain about the expansion. If the plugin violates the rules of the site, the user can report this to the administration. You can send complaints and feedback.

  • Paid plugin developers can now offer automatic discounts to organizations that purchase licenses in bulk. The feature can be accessed in settings.

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