JetBrains published the results of the annual survey among programmers

JetBrains published the results of the annual survey among programmers

JetBrains researchers have published the results of their annual The State of Developer Ecosystem survey among developers. In 2023, more than 26,000 programmers around the world took part in the survey. JavaScript became the most popular programming language, but Scala and Go cost more.

The most popular language in 2023 was JavaScript, followed by Python, HTML/CSS, SQL, and Java. It is noted that in the last three years there has been a noticeable trend of decreasing interest in JavaScript. It is assumed that developers begin to study other technologies and move to new areas for themselves. Lowest popularity in Objective-C, Scala, Ruby, Swift, and Rust.

The researchers said that Objective-C has already outgrown itself and finally stopped attracting attention to itself. It was replaced by Swift, and some developers switched to cross-platform Kotlin and Dart. The languages ​​Rust and Go showed the greatest growth in popularity.

The top five languages ​​included Scala, Go, Kotlin, C++ and Rust. Analysts note that it is the most difficult to find developers for these positions, so employers are willing to pay much more. Importantly, these languages ​​are quite popular, which also affects the formation of salary offers.

The survey revealed that more than half of the developers (58%) had a traditional academic education. Thanks to this, they found their first job. Other respondents studied with the help of:

  • books – 10%;

  • free courses – 10%;

  • communities and profile blogs – 7%;

  • free offline courses or schools – 6%;

  • paid courses and online schools – 4%;

  • mitaps – 2%;

  • other sources – 3%.

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