is it worth paying attention to today? / Hebrew

is it worth paying attention to today? / Hebrew

Try to feel the full power of the era: in 1998, Resident Evil 2 appeared on the shelves – a game that managed to impress and fall in love with millions of players around the world; at the beginning of the new 1999, the first Silent Hill was released, in July – Dino Crisis, and in a few months Resident Evil 3: Nemesis will be released. It seems to have been a golden time for Survival horrorbut everything could have turned out a little differently, because at first the first part of the Dino Crisis series was not supposed to be like Resident Evil. It was planned that it will contain more shooter mechanics, the number of dinosaurs in one location will increase, and their intelligence will be much higher than in the release version. But for various reasons of a technical nature, it was not destined to happen (by the way, some locations also fell under the knife). As a result, the project leaned more towards Survival horror. Only the second part added much more shootouts and battles, shifting the emphasis to action. Therefore, despite the desire to create a game of a slightly different genre, Capcom has released several products with similar game mechanics, with the only difference that in Dino Crisis, instead of hordes of zombies, you face an army of dinosaurs! Very cool and unusual! And if we remember that shortly before that, the Oscar-winning hit “Jurassic Park” and its sequel in 1997 were released, we can conclude that the audience was warmed up, and the theme of the confrontation between man and dinosaur is relevant. As you can imagine, it was really hard not to love a new franchise.

Although these days Capcom has not mentioned Dino Crisis for many years (although it turns 25 this year), it still has a large number of fans who dream of a remake/remaster of the first two parts of the series or a sequel (only not like a third!). It remains only to fantasize how cool it would be to dive into the game world familiar from youth, made in a similar way to Resident Evil 2 Remake.

But if you don’t want to limit yourself to just fantasies, but really want to remember how it was, both PS1 emulators come to the rescue, with the help of which you can touch the classics in their original form, and fan remasters that make many changes and improvements which allow you to run your favorite game on modern PCs with pleasure. But about everything in order.

On one of the tropical islands, a scientific base was created for conducting research in the field of energy. They are led by Dr. Kirk, presumed dead, known as a world leader in his field. Since a breakthrough in high-energy physics could lead to the creation of a powerful weapon that could change the balance of power on the political map, the Government sends an undercover agent named Tom there to confirm the seriousness of the situation. At the same time, a small group of four lands on the island to conduct reconnaissance, gather information and kidnap Dr. Kirk. However, what they encountered was something no one expected to see. Now not only the execution of the mission is at risk, but also the lives of the agents themselves. It is from this moment that the game begins.

The gameplay is almost similar to Resident Evil and takes place from the third person, and the camera shows events from pre-set angles, because of which it is sometimes not clear what is happening in front of your nose (on the next screen). But unlike the more famous series and the sequel Dino Crisis, the locations are not ready-made 2D backdrops. Instead, the character moves around in an honest 3D environment, which in 1999 looked very cool, let it be found in competitors (in the same Silent Hill).

The striking difference from RE was noticeable already in the first minutes of the game. Slow and clumsy zombies, through the crowds of which you can sometimes run safely without firing a single shot, in Dino Crisis were replaced by fast and rather thick (in terms of the ability to take damage) dinosaurs. Even one such opponent poses a real threat, because he can not only tear Regina to pieces, but also snatch the weapon from her hands, leaving her defenseless. The whole thing is that they are really smart and dangerous creatures that take not by number, but by strength and intelligence, which even had to be simplified at the development stage. Therefore, especially on high difficulties, you will have to invent different tactics to most effectively kill these creatures, for example, using lasers. This technology, which is placed in some locations, creates a barrier that does not allow the ancient lizards to reach the main character, and allows you to shoot them while being safe. In addition, a good solution is to control the consumption of ammunition: sometimes it would be much more logical to try to run past the enemy than to open a fight and take damage from the claws or teeth of dinosaurs accompanied by bleeding (yes, now with a certain probability you can get such a nasty debuff , which gradually reduces your health, it is desirable to restore it with a hemostat, or hope that it will end itself).

Unlike many competitors, the developers did not add a huge number of weapons to destroy ancient animals. There are only three instances available to you, but there are several types of ammunition for each, as well as three or four upgrades, making a starting weapon with basic ammo very different from a fully upgraded one with advanced ones. This allows you to stay interested and feel progress throughout the game!

By the way, about ammunition: it would be a good idea to use not only firearm types of projectiles, but also different types of darts that allow you to kill the enemy or temporarily put them to sleep. You can either find first aid kits, hemostats and darts at locations or create them yourself! Believe me, this is something that should be dealt with at the very beginning of the game, because by mixing different drugs, you will create or improve existing combat darts, as well as medical items. This is a very useful mechanic that will repeatedly help you in a difficult moment. For example, if you know there’s going to be a particularly dangerous fight, it’s a good idea to upgrade your darts to put the dinosaur to sleep faster, so it just won’t have time to do any damage to you (or create poisonous, instant-stun most dinosaurs at all).

Another interesting difference between Dino Crisis and Resident Evil is the new item storage system. The boxes where you put items have their own colors (red, yellow and green), thanks to which you are able to understand what can be put there. And if it is necessary to put only weapons in red, and medicines in green, then yellow can be put in both, but in smaller quantities. In addition, to open each of these “chests” you will need special plugs, which still need to be found… Thus, even the banal storage of items turns into a new gameplay mechanic that adds complexity and depth to the gameplay and makes you think about where and what to store.

The game has a large number of puzzles for every taste and color, and, unlike modern games, they are quite difficult, so you have to puzzle your head from time to time. I won’t say that the tasks are completely impossible (in any case, I don’t have such memories, and I haven’t heard anything like that from friends), but if you suddenly encounter difficulties, you can almost always find hints on how to solve them. Interestingly, after the release of Dino Crisis, Capcom received a large number of letters asking them not to make such complex puzzles. And what do you think, were there really such difficult tasks in the project?

By the way, speaking of riddles, one simply cannot fail to mention DDK discs. Oooooh, how many matte words arise in many players just thinking about them. And the whole thing is that these disks allowed you to independently decipher passwords, using the hints that are there. But at the owners of pirate Russification, the alphabet in this puzzle was translated into Cyrillic, which made it almost impossible to pick up the code. Most players either gave up at this point or tried to tick it off! Well, the luckiest ones found on sale (or from their friends) magazines, where the solution to this puzzle was kindly provided both for the original version of the game and for the miracle translations. I had a Russified version with a unanimous translation (after all, from RGR Studio, I found a video on YouTube-Example. Did you have the same one?), which means that the translation of the task was probably broken, but, to be honest, I don’t remember at all how I got through all this fun.

Despite its genre – Survival horror – the game is not scary at all, at the same time it manages to keep you in suspense, make you control the consumption of ammunition or first aid kits, and you constantly fear for your life! The feeling of loneliness and being surrounded by creatures that are strangers to you, who see you exclusively as prey, creates an indescribable atmosphere for which the game is loved even decades later.

By the way, as in Silent Hill, Dino Crisis has a non-linear plot with four different endings depending on the choices you made during the game events. In each of them, a very nice cinematic awaits you. Even that’s not reason enough for you to replay the game? And if I say that after the first, second and third completion of Dino Crisis, as well as when certain conditions are met (for example, a speedrun in 5 hours), you unlock new costumes, weapons and bonus game modes! I think it’s a great incentive for multiple playthroughs. However, for some reason in the PC version, everything described above became available immediately at the start of a new game. A very strange decision.

An endless grenade launcher available from the very beginning in the PC version

The game was released on the Sony PlayStation and Sega Dreamcast consoles, and there was also a PC port that is considered to be the worst in terms of execution. But if it was like that 25 years ago, then the game has been very well refined by the fans to this day!

I want to tell you about Dino Crisis Rebirth HD Mod, which (fingers crossed):

• Adds support for high screen resolutions and widescreen monitors (16:9, 16:10 and Ultra)

• Allows you to choose between English and Japanese (if that matters to anyone) 🙂

• Has support for gamepads (XInput, RawInput, DirectInput 8.00) and keyboard with mouse

• Implements high-quality videos and music

• All this plays at 60 FPS

In addition to the above, fans separately added HD textures to maximize the picture.

I think this is one of the best ways to launch your favorite game in 2024! And if I managed to awaken in you nostalgic feelings and a desire to play the project of your youth, go to the Telegram channel “Old-fashioned gamer”. There I have posted several builds that allow you to run Dino Crisis on both PC and PS1.

The PC archive will contain the fan remastered game already unpacked and fully ready to run – download and play right away! But the downside is that this mod does not support Cyrillic, so there will be English text, but Russian voiceover. For those who want to feel the authentic experience of the late 90s – early 00s, I will list separately the PS1 emulator, as well as the game with the best Russification (in my opinion) from ViT Co. and Akella and two skins for a beautiful design of the emulator. Well, as a bonus, catch the image of the second part of the series (also with localization from ViT Co. and Akella). I think you are guaranteed a couple of evenings of nostalgia!

I think everyone who played Dino Crisis remembers this scene


So what made the adventures of Regina and her friends so gripping? What allowed Capcom not only to garner great reviews and make a profit, but also to release a sequel? There can be many reasons for this. But maybe the whole thing is that the project was similar to the public’s favorite Resident Evil, but in a different setting, thanks to which the audience, which has not yet had time to get enough of this gameplay, gladly accepted it.

Dino Crisis, despite its second nature, managed to preserve the interesting gameplay of its ancestor, harmoniously introducing confrontations with dinosaurs into it, each of which requires its own approach, and bring a plot atypical for its time. During the passage of Dino Crisis, you will have a huge number of questions: what kind of island is this, what is happening here, where are the dinosaurs from in the modern world, what happened in this research complex and why is there only death and desolation around? The game will gradually provide answers to all these questions, which will make surviving together with Regina not only interesting from a gameplay point of view, but also from a story point of view.

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