Is it true that the market is again waiting for a shortage of video cards and where to buy them while there is an opportunity

Is it true that the market is again waiting for a shortage of video cards and where to buy them while there is an opportunity

So far, there are no problems with video cards in Russia, but who knows what will happen after a while

The craze for mining, which at one time provoked a global shortage of video cards, seems to be a thing of the past, but their shortage may become a reality again. Experts are already recording indirect signs of a reduction in production graphics chips for games from Nvidia, one of the world market leaders. This forced sellers to prepare for the fact that there will not be enough popular video cards for everyone and systematically raise prices, warning of the growing demand.

Probably reduction in the production of game video cards, which, however, is not yet officially confirmed, does not look like a rational solution against the background of growing demand. According to experts, the whole point is that it has not become as profitable as before. Nvidia and other market players felt the new trend by donating GeForce video cards benefits of accelerators for artificial intelligence.

Will there be a shortage of Nvidia video cards?

The reason why Nvidia could have switched from gaming video chips to AI computing accelerators, if indeed it happened, lies on the surface. Explosive rise in popularity neural networks like ChatGPT, Bing, MidJouney and DALL-E forces their developers to actively upgrade the capabilities that allow them to function properly and develop. This is a very fast-growing market, which for 2022 (for 2023 data is not yet available) brought Nvidia more than 3.5 billion dollars.

Believe in the probable shortage of video cards maybe quite difficult. After all, it is predicted almost every month, but if you study the proposal, it turns out that prices for gaming video cards really went up abroad. For example, now buy GeForce RTX 4090 on Amazon, regardless of performance, you can usually get about $2,500. And this is about the same amount as they are given in Russia. Only occasionally are better offers found.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 video cards are in particularly high demand, but XCOM-SHOP.RU does not smell of a shortage, regardless of performance.

The situation is aggravated by the Chinese, who are actively buying up top brands Nvidia video cards. RTX 4090 is especially popular because of its computing potential, which is widely used in the field of artificial intelligence. Local craftsmen modify them and replace them with models H20, L20, L2 and others, which were originally released for the development of II, but are under American sanctions and do not reach “Pydnebesnaya” directly.

Industry experts point out that the shortage, which may now be gaining momentum, may prove to be quite long-term. Even the management of the TSMC plant admits that lack of graphics chips could trigger a one-and-a-half-year shortage During this period, the market will experience a shortage of both gaming video cards and those used in artificial intelligence training.

“The main problem facing the market is even the scarcity of artificial intelligence chips as such, and the limited capabilities CoWoS (chip packaging technologies). At the moment, current capacity can only meet 80% of the market’s needs. We believe that this is a temporary phenomenon, but it is unlikely that we will be able to reach the required production figures earlier than in a year and a half,” said TSMC Chairman Mark Liu.

Where is the best place to buy gaming video cards

Despite the fact that video cards are almost never imported into Russia by parallel import, buy them Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 in XCOM-SHOP.RU it is still possible. Here are just a few of the models you can buy from us:

Still, if you were going to anyway upgrade your PC or to assemble it from scratch for games, obviously, it is better not to pull. Despite the fact that the suppliers of XCOM-SHOP.RU do not sound the alarm, at some point it may turn out that the assortment of video cards will become what it was and it will become more difficult to choose. Therefore, to avoid sin, we recommend that you take care of purchasing graphics in advance.

RTX 4090 is good graphics, but for games you can take something simpler

Besides, maybe you don’t need that much powerful video cardlike RTX 4090. Many other generations of graphics are suitable for games even on ultra-presets, which can be bought profitably at XCOM-SHOP.RU and whose shortage is not expected yet:

Even non-top-level video cards are often able to provide decent performance in games. At a relatively affordable price, they produce excellent frametime and fps values, allowing you to feel comfortable in almost any game. If you want to see a selection the best video cards for your moneywhich are in the assortment of XCOM-SHOP.RU, just let us know, and it will appear on our blog on Khabr.

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