iPhone notebooks turned out to be full of records that are repeated dozens of times VK ID

iPhone notebooks turned out to be full of records that are repeated dozens of times VK ID

According to ComNews, since the end of November, the notebooks of iPhone users who have a VK ID (a single account for VK services) have been filled with VK ID entries that are repeated dozens of times. Developers from VK partially fixed the bug and continue to solve the problem from their side.

In response to user complaints, the VKontakte support team reported that it would take time to solve the problem: “Since the platform is large, many different tasks appear every day, and it is not always possible to solve them as quickly as we would like.”

The problem concerned records in the iPhone for all contacts that also have a VK ID. The excess of lines in the contact’s record indicated that its search in the notebook on the iPhone, which consists of 4,000 records, took tens of seconds or more.

The VK press service explained that the developers fixed this technical malfunction on December 13. “VKontakte” works in normal mode. 0.2% of users may have duplicate accounts in the contact list, our team fixed this in the latest update of the program,” said a VK representative.

As a result, this error no longer occurs for new users, but for those who have already encountered such a bug, the extra lines in contacts have not disappeared. Updating the program, restarting it, and clearing the cache do not help some users

The profile expert explained to the mass media that, judging by the described scenario of using the address book and searching for contacts, the problem is related to the “VKontakte” application and iPhone synchronization with VK services.

“For a modern smartphone of 2022-2023, it is not difficult to process a database of 3,000-4,000 contacts. It’s likely that some changes have occurred in the part of the code responsible for authenticating users, and when you try to sync, duplicate records are being created multiple times. To fix the bug, Vkontakte developers need to fix the problematic part of the code. It can be done in a few days. Changes can affect both the backend and the code of the mobile application. After that, the program code with changes is sent to the AppStore for moderation. As of December 14, 2023, the current version of the “VKontakte” program for iOS is 8.60. Moderation may take up to three days, after which the application will be available for download and installation. Users who have encountered such a problem can be recommended to remove the VKontakte application from their phone until this bug is fixed,” the expert explained as a temporary solution to the situation.

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