iPhone 12 will be banned in France / Habr

iPhone 12 will be banned in France / Habr

Why are tests of equipment samples before sales and studies of production models after sales sometimes different?

The most striking example is dust protection. When I experienced industrial equipment, the ip54 degree of protection against moisture and dust means that the unit will sit outside in rain and snow for years and nothing will happen. And ip68 means complete impermeability of the shell, the product lies in a barrel of water for days and not a single drop will get inside. At the same time, absolutely all phones are marked as IP68 and constantly break from water splashes. Why?

The fact is that industrial equipment is always operated in the same way. And household items are everywhere that users don’t shove. The phone has the most different applications. As a result, real operating conditions and nominal ones differ greatly. As a result, problems with water, heating, or increased field emission may become apparent after the sale.

Article and clarification and video from the French regulator.

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