iOS 17.4 was released with support for third-party application stores in Europe

iOS 17.4 was released with support for third-party application stores in Europe

Apple released iOS 17.4 with support for third-party app stores in the European Union. In addition, developers can use the NFC module with any payment systems, not just Apple Pay.

The main innovations were changes to the rules for the European market. Apple had to make concessions due to the new law on digital markets. Developers will now be able to launch alternative app stores and distribute their products through them. Along with this, it will be possible to use third-party browser engines and the NFC module for any payment systems.

All this will work only on the territory of the European Union and the European Economic Area. It is noted that it will not work to bypass the restrictions by changing the region of the Apple ID account. In iOS 16.2, the countryd system appeared, which checks the user’s location based on GPS data, SIM cards and Wi-Fi points around the device. Apple began to prepare in advance for future relaxations only for some regions, so it already had time to implement and test the system.

Other updates are available in all countries:

  • the function of decoding podcasts appeared in Apple’s proprietary application, but only in English;

  • Siri was taught to translate messages and read them immediately in the selected language;

  • animated reactions during calls can be turned off by default;

  • redesigned interface of the “Battery” section, in which you can now see the general status of the battery, and on the iPhone 15, there is information about recharge cycles, dates of first use and manufacture;

  • added six emojis.

The update is available in the “Basic” section. iOS 17.4 requires 1.44 GB of free space.

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