Innostage presented an inter-university project in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates

Innostage presented an inter-university project in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates

The Innostage company presented the project of the inter-university Center for Combating Cyber ​​Threats (SOC) in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. In the presentation, it was told about the creation and peculiarities of the work of the Interuniversity SOC and how to train IS specialists with the help of this SOC, the Innostage press service told the Habra information service.

According to Innostage General Director Aidar Guzairov, in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the problem of lack of personnel was solved by opening large-scale training centers. In the announced regions, work is underway to implement all necessary procedures: launching relevant state programs, synchronization with development strategies, analysis of the nuances of regional legislation in the field of cyber security and cross-border data transfer, etc. The emergence of an inter-university SOC will allow achieving similar goals with smaller investments, using already existing university infrastructures. Also, the intercollegiate SOC will give students practical experience in countering real attacks.

The first interuniversity SOC was created by the Republic of Tatarstan, taking into account four educational institutions: Kazan National Research Technical University named after O.N. Tupolev (KNITU-KAI), Kazan Federal University (KFU), Kazan State Energy University (KDEU) and Innopolis University. It was launched in September 2023. According to the creators, the main task of the inter-university SOC is to increase the level of information security in Russian universities and provide practical training of IS specialists from among students.

The inter-university SOC is located on a technology platform located inside the Innostage perimeter. The platform includes: the system for collecting and correlating information security events based on the Positive Technologies solution, the Innostage IRP incident response automation system. Monitoring of incidents is done by students of specialized university departments. Teachers and employees of IT departments of universities monitor the work of the Center’s analysts and are responsible for responding to incidents. In emergency situations, the Center’s employees are assisted remotely by Innostage specialists.

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