In Midjourney, “negativity will be banned”

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Midjourney, a neural network-powered image generating tool, has reportedly banned the use of any content deemed negative, with its founder announcing the policy on the official Discord channel. The move follows reports from various countries of users expressing complaints over a range of topics. It has also banned the creation of images of Chinese President Xi Jinping, with attempts to create such an image or reference him in an article being blocked. Reporting in The Washington Post suggests the company founder admitted that the situation with China had particularly sensitive issues at stake.

In Midjourney, “negativity will be banned”

According to Alex Heath, deputy editor of The Verge and author of Command Line, Midjourney will try to “ban negativity.” Company founder David Holtz announced the new policy on the neural network’s official Discord channel.

Generated image of Pope Francis in a down jacket / Twitter

At the same time, the moderators of r/midjourney removed the post “The number of banned words is getting out of control” from Reddit.

In addition, Midjourney banned the generation of images of Chinese President Xi Jinping. Any attempt to create such an image or even to mention the president’s name in the article was blocked. Many users still managed to find a workaround. Yes, /imagine can provide the full URL of an existing photo of Xi in Jinping, or you can use the /blend command to blend the two photos.

Investigative journalist Eliot Higgins, meanwhile, said he was blocked from Midjourney after a series of pictures showing Donald Trump’s arrest in New York. They went viral on social media.

Holtz himself said in the fall that his company received complaints from users on various topics in different countries and as a result blocked numerous words related to them. However, according to chat logs reviewed by The Washington Post, Holtz refrained from listing the prohibited terms. He only mentioned that they are connected not only with China. However, the company’s founder admitted that the situation with China has become a particularly sensitive issue, as political humor can put local users at risk.

Midjourney previously suspended access to the free trial due to “extreme demand and abuse.” It is still available to paid subscribers.

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