In Google Maps, it became possible to lay routes inside tunnels

In Google Maps, it became possible to lay routes inside tunnels

Google Maps will introduce a tool that will allow more efficient routing inside tunnels. The Android version of the app will start using Bluetooth beacons to track your location in places where GPS signals cannot reach.

Tunnel navigation in Waze

Bluetooth signals will send location data to your smartphone. The app will then use that information along with the device’s cellular connection to “provide real-time traffic data, just like a regular GPS connection.”

The function will only work if Bluetooth beacons are working in the tunnel.

Google is introducing the new option after acquiring navigation service Waze in 2013. It already has partnerships with the authorities of New York, Chicago, Boston, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Brussels and other cities where Bluetooth beacons are installed. In 2022, the Waze team was merged with the group that controls Google Maps.

To enable the feature in Google Maps, you need to select your profile, go to “Settings” > “Navigation settings”, scroll down the page and turn on Bluetooth tunnel beacons (Bluetooth tunnel beacons), then click “Allow” on the notification to turn them on.

Some users reported that they first noticed this feature in October 2023. It is not yet clear when it will appear on iOS, but iPhone owners can use Waze.

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