In China, young people are using blocked Tinder to look for work

In China, young people are using blocked Tinder to look for work

Chinese youth, faced with the country’s high unemployment rate, have started using Tinder, which is blocked in China, to look for work, Business Insider reports.

Last June, unemployment among Chinese aged 16 to 24 reached 21.3%. As a result, young people are looking for new ways to get a job, and have even started using Tinder, which they access via a VPN, to do so.

The publication writes that the program allows them to easily contact employers, find hidden or unusual vacancies both in China and abroad. A student from Shanghai, who spoke to NBC News, said that dating apps allow applicants to reach more people. She applied to more than 400 jobs, but didn’t receive a positive response anywhere, and now uses Tinder to find potential employers.

At the same time, Chinese youth still have an alternative in the form of LinkedIn — this social network has also been blocked in China since 2021, but it can also be accessed via a VPN. However, Chinese students point out that traditional job search methods, including LinkedIn, are currently ineffective due to the oversaturation of the market.

Tinder does not approve of this practice: a representative of the social network told NBC that the platform should not be used for the purpose of making money. The company believes that due to the appearance of job applicants in the application, other users who use the platform as intended may lose trust in the social network.

In addition, not all employers in China are favorable to job searches through Tinder, the publication claims. Conservative-minded companies may even permanently blacklist applicants if they hear that they have tried to find a job through a social dating network.

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