import substitution of infrastructure software is relevant for 89% of Russian companies

import substitution of infrastructure software is relevant for 89% of Russian companies

K2Tech experts found out that the issue of import substitution of software infrastructure, including the search for analogues of the Microsoft Active Directory directory service, is relevant for Russian enterprise-level companies.

147 representatives of companies with revenues of 2 billion rubles from more than 20 branches of the Russian economy took part in the survey. IT infrastructure experts at K2Tech were interested in the current situation with import substitution of software, including the Microsoft Active Directory directory service. After all, this is basic software for the infrastructure of every company, which allows you to store user and computer accounts in the corporate network and find shared resources (contacts, network folders, printers and other network services).

Answering the question about the relevance of import substitution in general, 89% of respondents said that this task is relevant for their organizations and that it is necessary to migrate to domestic software in the near future. 39% are currently testing solutions from Russian vendors in their infrastructures, 15% have already moved to the implementation stage, while 35% are still searching for products that meet their requirements. 11% of companies noted that they will use the software as long as possible.

Speaking about the import replacement of Microsoft Active Directory, 76% of companies noted that they now have difficulties in choosing Russian solutions for organizing a corporate directory service. And that’s why they are in no hurry to include this class of solutions in IT infrastructure import substitution projects. 13% are in the testing phase and only 1% are already implementing the selected products. 10% plan to stay on MS Active Directory.

Denis Murunov

Head of K2Tech IT infrastructure construction practice

“Earlier, Microsoft was a monopolist of the infrastructure software market in the Russian Federation and offered a whole ecosystem of compatible products, including the MS Active Directory directory service. All large customers implemented it many years ago, and now, when import substitution is inevitable, they are in no hurry to change the usual product that occupies a central place in the company’s software infrastructure. Large businesses need time to choose a solution with proven reliability and scalability. At the moment, among the alternatives available on the market, our customers choose between the already familiar products ALD Pro and Alt Domen, as well as the relatively new ones – RED ADM and Atom.Domen. You can read my review of RED ADM Industrial Edition and Atom.Domen by link. According to the results of our survey, in 2024 we expect a more active transition to the stages of testing and piloting of these solutions to further replace MS Active Directory.”

Sergey Verchenov

Head of infrastructure consulting practice K2Tech

“It should also be noted that over the past year, approaches to choosing domestic solutions have changed radically. For example, companies of the Enterprise segment choose the path of “global scoring”. That is, they compare all solutions on the market for their specific tasks and needs through an integral assessment of the reliability of the vendor, the functionality of its products, cost, development of road maps, etc. Smaller companies with a typical IT infrastructure take a simpler route by identifying a few key requirements and tailoring solutions directly to them. As a rule, these requirements are related to the specifics of the IT landscape.”

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