“I’ll be back”. The new Supermium browser is available for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003

“I’ll be back”. The new Supermium browser is available for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003

Internet browser developers Supermium pleased all the serious connoisseurs of Bill Gates’ products with a new update. Now the stack of supported operating systems looks impressive considering that it is 2024:

Chromium Supermium XP 2024

For correct operation, the latest updates of XP and Windows Server 2003, incl. Windows Desktop Search 3.0 (System32\PROPSYS.DLL) and Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable packages.

Supermium — an alternative implementation (fork) of the Google Chromium browser based on its open source code. The developers are bringing back the features cut by Google LLC to launch on early Microsoft operating systems, and also plan to leave the manifest implementation V2 for the correct operation of ad blockers. Thus, leveling the negative consequences for the entire community that Google caused by the transition to the V3 manifest.

New features of the browser are announced for the future:

  • Ungoogled Chromium features — more privacy and fewer built-in Google trackers;

  • support for the latest WebGPU technology by means of DirectX 9 (Current for XP/2003);

  • Manifesto V2 for ad blockers;

  • Windows operating system support 2000;

You can get more details on the official website:


DirectX 10/11 on Windows XP/2003

Asked recently, and it’s about the browser Supermium directly.
There is no problem to port the Microsoft DirectX implementation itself 10 in Windows XP/2003. A little more difficult with DirectX 11. There is even part of the source code. What is left will go to IDA Pro. But this is not enough!
The problem is the lack of an AMD/ATi and nVIDIA video driver for Windows XP/2003, which supports DX10/11 hardware acceleration through the video card itself (hardware).
Game Ready 368.81 and Catalyst 14.4 (pack3) video driver source codes are proprietary software. But if someone pours or they can be bought from former developers, then it is more than possible to install DirectX 10/11 on XP/2003!

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