II-assistant and improvements with ReSharper v2024.1

II-assistant and improvements with ReSharper v2024.1

JetBrains has released a minor update to the CLion Nova development environment. It included an AI assistant to help developers write code and carried over some features from the latest version of ReSharper.

CLion Nova developers reported that with the update, the development environment has moved to the 2024.1 branch. This means that the IDE supports all the innovations of CLion Classic 2024.1 EAP. These include:

  • updated CMake templates, automatic code completion in the CMake configuration file editor, and required versions of tools for building C++20 projects;

  • Meson tool window with a list of available build targets and quick commands such as install, clean and test;

  • support for debugging child processes;

  • code analysis in device tree files with the extension .dts/.dtsi.

Along with this, the project team included the ReSharper C++ 2024.1 EAP update to CLion Nova:

  • improved clang format integration, including support for the GNU native style;

  • changing the pointer parameter type so that all its uses are automatically updated;

  • revised formatting options.

The update included changes that are relevant only for CLion Nova:

  • code hints are no longer automatically enabled after restarting the IDE in cases where the user has disabled them in the settings;

  • the user can work with the code at the time of indexing the project at startup, selections and automatic completion of the code are available;

  • added support for JetBrains AI Assistant, which helps generate documentation, search for errors in code. In addition, the neural network can answer user questions, suggest fixes and refactoring solutions.

JetBrains introduced the CLion Nova IDE in November 2023. The development environment is designed for C/C++ programming languages ​​and runs on the ReSharper/Rider engine. The old version of CLion was renamed to Classic.

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