IBM required employees to appear in the office at least three days a week

IBM required employees to appear in the office at least three days a week

IBM management required employees to visit the office or clients at least three days a week regardless of their “current work location.” Badge data will be used to measure individual attendance and shared with managers and human resources staff, according to a statement from corporate senior vice president John Granger.

If telecommuters do not have medical prescriptions or military service obligations, they should move closer to IBM’s offices by early August. They must live within 80 km from work.

Employees who disagree with the relocation request will be fired. A similar condition applies to personnel who do not approve the possibility of working remotely.

IBM strives to create a work environment that combines flexibility and personal interaction, making the company more productive, innovative and able to better serve customers, said a representative of the corporation. The requirement to be in the office at least three days per week applies to US employees.

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna has long emphasized the importance of working in the office. In May 2023, he announced that it would be more difficult for remote employees to get a promotion. Some IBM teams have already implemented office visit requirements.

In 2024, the corporation plans to conduct a restructuring that will include layoffs. At the beginning of last year, IBM announced its intention to cut 3,900 employees. By the end of 2022, the company had approximately 288,000 employees worldwide.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, IBM has closed a number of offices, potentially complicating plans to return from remote work. The reduction in real estate was part of the company’s efforts to increase profits.

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