I can’t learn anything in Aytishka

I can’t learn anything in Aytishka

This article will be devoted to my unsuccessful attempts to learn something and be able to create something. My learning experience and why, I think, I do not succeed.

In addition to computer science lessons, where we set the turtle’s trajectory, I started my acquaintance with programming about 2 years ago. During this time it was possible to learn “everything” and fully create applications, but something is not right.

I started with freecodecamp and the course there, on javascript data structures and algorithms, I really liked the design of the site and I was fascinated by the feeling of being a super-cool programmer when you solve simple tasks. And there were many of them at first. Then there were more difficult tasks, where he solved everything using the worst solution methods. (The simplest, through dozens of if-else or bruteforce’om).

I also rummaged through learn.javascript.ru and began to understand something. I could not create anything myself with jsom, so it seemed to me that I should learn html/css and enrolled in nI will name which office for courses But I expected a little more or something else from the courses. The mentor responds every other day, there are no calls with the mentor, I did not feel that the course was involved in my learning and generally interested in my growth. There is material, there is me, and now, I have to sail. It seemed to somehow even float. But my main work was also at the computer with the need to constantly look at the screen. And after 9 hours of continuous viewing at the screen, and then a few more hours for studying, and on weekends for 5+ hours, my eyes burned out in a month. I still had the matrix on my laptop, it is 10 years old, on TN, I think it also made its contribution. Even a day’s break did not help, and even two, eye drops did not help. It took a week for the eyes to recover, after a week information begins to be forgotten, and colleagues on the course begin to be far ahead. I got off course and scored. It was a break of ~3 months.

The layout methods seemed strange to me. I wanted to touch something else. If the whole stream of wannabe programmers is going to js, ​​we should go the other way, that way we will win in the absence of stiff competition. Among the powerful IT companies, I like google and their declarative desire to help the world ;D, and I liked flutter.

Flutter is really good for rolling in. Documentation and sites are well written, there are many materials for beginners, there is google codelabs, there is strict typing of dart, and due to this strict typing, dart analyzer itself will tell you a million errors and hints, due to strict typing, dart/flutter can create more scalable template solutions, which makes life much easier.

But if I don’t want to completely copy-paste the project from YouTube or someone else’s github, but write some features myself that no one has yet, then I just can’t do anything. And if I turn to someone for help, then they themselves start from 0, and I only have time to repeat, and not to catch the learning process, that is, the discovery of my own “America”.

I wanted to look into lichess.org open source, they are just sawing a new program on flutter, but every attempt ends in a crash. This was the case on Windows, I was advised to install flutter not through snapd, but manually. To do this, I completely switched from Windows to Linux. So what? If you want to be a load, get in the back. In general, I have been interested in Linux for a long time.

I switched to Linux Ubuntu to be more in line with the title of a programmer, to get away from dirty proprietary Microsoft, but how painful it is when no drivers work properly. When some programs do not have a linux version at all. But in general I am satisfied with Linux. I managed to install lichess mobile flutter on my phone and open it. But there was no connection with the server, and for this you need to deploy your server. Of course, for me it was like getting to know an otherworldly civilization. Have you seen the footage where the militants send an RPG grenade into a helicopter and shout “Allahu Akbar” while doing so, expecting it to help the grenade go off? So I spiced up each of my prompts with a magical phrase.

I installed all the programs as written in the guide (fortunately, on Linux, this is often done with several commands), but my server gave an error. I went with this error to the disk server, there I found the same newbies who also complained about this error, to which we were told that it is easier to install lila-docker. Everything is installed in it at once.

I went to install lila-docker, I installed it, I repeated all the commands described in the guide, mobile services were supposed to be installed there. After entering the container, we were sent to the /app folder, although the flutter application was located in /opt/mobile, the part from the guide did not work, but later I got to the right folder. And still it gives me an error and does not want to work. At the same time, the server itself is installed from the docker and you can connect to it via a Wi-Fi network. But it is not possible to open the program from the docker.

As a result, from my machine I can open the app but can’t start the server, and from the docker container the server starts but I can’t open the app. Fine, thank you.

In general, I abandoned this idea. I will try my best, maybe something will work out someday.

Why can’t I do anything?

I know English well, I know Russian well, I think I’m good at Google and I’m almost a confident PC user. Why can’t I do anything, and the rest of the Pentagons are built in a week?

Maybe the body sabotages what it does not like. Maybe I am not persistent enough, patient and my will is weak. Maybe fate wants to tell me that it is not mine. But we will try a little more.

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