Humane will start supplying AI Pin in March

Humane will start supplying AI Pin in March

Humane startup announced, which will begin shipping the wearable AI Pin smart device in March 2024. Those who pre-ordered will be the first to receive them.

Humane says it will ship orders based on the date of purchase.

Although the startup did not give a specific date for the start of deliveries, it previously said that they will start in early 2024.

Humane introduced the AI ​​Pin in November. It is a device without a display that attaches to various surfaces using a magnet. The AI ​​Pin is powered by a Snapdragon processor and is controlled by voice, camera, gestures, and a small built-in projector. The aluminum body device weighs around 34g and the battery weighs 20g.

Humane demonstrated how the device works with various AI services and responds to requests. The company also showed its system, which allows you to display projections on the palm of your hand, with which the user can interact.

The cost of AI Pin starts at $699. Getting a phone number and using cellular data also requires a subscription of $24 per month.

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