How we implemented the Performance Overview process for grading the development team. Part 1

How we implemented the Performance Overview process for grading the development team. Part 1

On the Internet, you can find many articles about Performance Overview, but I want to share our experience of conducting this process. In a series of 3 articles, I will try to give you the full picture – the theoretical part and the practical part based on our experience. Any outside experience will be helpful when preparing for the event.

Performance Overview is a retrospective process that allows you to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each employee and the company as a whole. The main objective is to verify and synchronize the expectations of the employee and the organization, and to encourage employees based on their overall contribution, not just expertise.

The process is carried out in 5-6 stages:

  1. Self Assessment: The employee evaluates his results and the ways of achieving them.

  2. Peer Review: Employees receive feedback from colleagues with whom they interact most. The evaluation is based on the main assessment criteria.

  3. Scoring: An overall score is formed based on the previous stages, for example “Does not meet expectations”, “Meets expectations”, “Above expectations”.

  4. Decision making: Team Leaders analyze the results and offer recommendations for each employee

  5. One to One: Teamleaders conduct individual conversations with employees, share feedback and plan their development

  6. Calibration: If you have multiple teams, this step can be used to adjust the process based on experience.

Why is a Performance Overview conducted?

  • Remind employees about important work parameters and metrics. For example, code quality, communication, meeting deadlines, etc.

  • Help in the professional development of employees by comparing self-assessment with the opinion of colleagues.

  • Control of productivity and production events.

  • Recognition of merits and failures in work.

  • Exchange of ideas between the company and the employee.

  • An indicator of implicit problems in the company – systemic, interpersonal or personal.

Who is suitable for this format of personnel evaluation?

Performance Overview is right for you if you:

  1. Large company: In organizations with a large number of employees, it can be difficult to track the performance of each employee. Performance Overview allows you to structure the assessment and identify weaknesses or strengths of each employee in a timely manner.

  2. Startup: In the early stages of a company’s development, an employee evaluation process can help build an effective team and set high performance standards. It can also help identify potential additional training and development requirements.

  3. Highly competitive company: If the industry is highly competitive, an employee evaluation process can help the company identify top performers and help retain and develop them.

  4. A company that wants to invest in employee development: Performance Overview allows you to identify areas in which employees need training and development, as well as create personalized development plans for each employee.

  5. A company committed to increasing employee satisfaction: Systematic performance appraisals and feedback help create clear expectations and encourage employee growth and development, which can increase satisfaction and productivity.

  6. A company that seeks to improve communication and interaction: The employee evaluation process promotes clearer information exchange and feedback between managers and subordinates, which can lead to better understanding and more harmonious relationships within the team. Overall, the Performance Overview employee evaluation process is suitable for companies that value personnel development and improving overall work efficiency.

We saw the value in this process and what we can learn and do within it and decided to implement it in Airba Fresh. In the next series of articles, I will share with you how to prepare for a Performance Overview, what you should pay attention to and what you should not do. If you are going to conduct it, then be patient, you will need to do a lot of work.

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