How to understand from a vacancy that the employer is a fool**: 5 signs

How to understand from a vacancy that the employer is a fool**: 5 signs

Hello everybody! I am Tema Loginov, during the 4 years of working at digital I have repeatedly looked for work, hired people and helped others do it.

Many companies issue vacancies in a stupid way: they offer work for three rubles or hang the work of an entire department on one employee. I will tell you how to recognize such vacancies in order to protect yourself from working for a fool.

A mountain of demands for a penny payment

[Неправильные] employers are looking for ambitious candidates with burning eyes. Those who will take on a million tasks, and at the end of the month will fall on their feet, when they will receive payment in a package of buckwheat.

Often, such vacancies mention millions of turnovers, work in a team of market leaders and experience that you cannot buy. Apparently, paying for the utility bill also offers experience to their employees.

Decent pay for the 6/1 schedule from the top info business

If not fired, the employer will pay 5000 (possible)

Multi-stage selection and strange tasks

[Ч]The lucky ones consider it their duty to organize a competition, where in order to get a job you need to sing, jump, jump through rings of fire, and also pass an interview with the director and all his relatives. I suppose they specially conduct selection in 4-5 stages to weed out the most patient and picky ones.

5 stages of selection, and as a result, a polygraph test. Without him, the dream team is not allowed

Another non-obvious red flag of employers – strange test tasks that clearly do not belong to your field of activity. For example, the task of creating a design for a copywriter vacancy.

To get a job, you need to create two moodboards on Pinterest. I wonder who they hire?

Work 24/7 without days off

For [чудачного] the employee of the employer is not a person, but a robot to perform tasks. And the soulless mechanism has no occupation except work. He does not need free time for hobbies, rest and personal life, four hours of sleep and livers with tea in the office are enough.

Employers with these requirements should go to Hell for a 14 hour 7/0 shift after death. Or at least receive a fine from the labor inspectorate for violating the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, because by law you cannot work more than 40 hours a week.

If you get a higher education, then only in order to work 24/7

Pay 10-20 thousand per month and let us rest three times a month (if possible)

Discrimination and imperatives

In black and white light [чудачных] employers divide all candidates into good and second-rate according to their own criteria. Often these parameters are related to gender, age, education or family status. This is how vacancies appear with the marks “No children” or “Only considering women under 22 years old.”

The employer publishes such a vacancy in a country where 33% of the population smokes

Another reason to be wary is wording like “You MUST/REQUIRED to be like this.” This may be a sign of inflated and unrealistic expectations on the part of the company. If the employer describes the requirements in a similar way, he sees you as a personal servant or slave, rather than an assistant.

The employer is looking for a nanny without children of a certain nationality

Focus on yourself

[Ч]fortunes consider themselves exceptional. They are doing a big favor when they take you on the team, so they don’t waste time describing the requirements and tasks. Instead, employers create a vacancy similar to a Tinder profile and write about how cool, successful, rich and knowledgeable they are. Definitely swipe left for those.

It doesn’t matter if you have a red diploma. The main thing is that the employer has it

Skydiving, yachts and a daughter from Krasnodar — what more do you need for an ideal job?

Other signs [чудаковатых] vacancies

I talked about five main signs that help to recognize [ч]good luck But there are others:

  • rudeness and passive aggression in job vacancies;

  • large free tests;

  • a strange job title such as “sitologist”, “text writer”;

  • a large number of typographical and spelling errors;

  • CAPS text;

  • wording of the type “Official employment under a self-employment contract”. In fact, a person can be registered under an employment contract, or as self-employed under the DPA;

  • a system of fines for employees for minor offenses such as being late for a minute;

  • the requirement to be a “universalist” and a “jack of all trades”;

  • vague description of tasks and conditions;

  • work for a percentage of sales without salary.

If you come across such vacancies, don’t waste time on reviews, even if you have a little experience. There are enough employers on the market who will offer you adequate work for normal money.

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