How to take a scrollable screenshot on iPhone

How to take a scrollable screenshot on iPhone

Taking a screenshot on your iPhone is commonplace, but how about taking a screenshot to capture the entire content of a website, PDF, email, note, or “stitch” multiple screenshots together? Read on for how to take a scrolling screenshot on iPhone.

Previously, you needed a third-party app to take a scrolling screenshot on an iPhone. But with iOS, you can now do this directly with web pages, PDFs, Notes, emails, and more in Apple’s first-generation apps.

How to take a scrollable screenshot on iPhone

With this built-in iOS option, when you take a Scrolling or Full Page screenshot, you’ll get a PDF of the entire document, web page, note, or email in Apple apps.

For this:

1. Take a screenshot (press the side or top button and the volume up button at the same time).

2. Tap the preview in the lower left corner before it disappears.

3. Select the Full Page option in the upper right corner. The Full Page option will only appear if there is more than one page on the screen.

4. You can view all pages, use markup before saving.

5. You can also tap the cropping icon (the square icon next to Done) to change how much of the full page you want to keep.

6. Click Done in the upper left corner to save or the Share button in the upper right corner.

Third-party apps for scrolling screenshots on iPhone

Another option for creating scrollable screenshots of content in third-party applications or for more manual control (saving as PNG, etc.) is to use programs like Picsew or Tailor.

Picsew has a higher average rating. But you can try both for free before you decide to purchase the full versions via an in-app purchase.

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