how to successfully work with freelancers

how to successfully work with freelancers

Customers are often interested in ways to optimize cooperation with freelancers and more effectively use the service’s functionality. The blog contains many useful articles that will help you work more productively on Freelancehunt. We know that a true Jedi uses the force for knowledge and protection.😌Therefore, we have collected useful materials together so that customers can quickly find the information they need. For convenience, we divided the articles into thematic blocks:

Search and selection of a specialist

Search for a freelancer

Find a freelancer who will complete the task that is most important to the customer with high quality and on time. Freelancehunt provides everything you need to make this process as simple, comfortable and fast as possible. We offer the most popular ways to search for performers with detailed instructions.

How to quickly find a freelancer on the Freelancehunt exchange

There are 3 ways to find a freelancer on the Freelancehunt service. We analyzed these options in detail so that customers quickly find performers for tasks.

Artist selection

It happens that you published a project, received a lot of bids and now you don’t know which potential performer to entrust the work with? If yes, we advise you to find out what is important for customers to pay attention to when choosing a freelancer and how to work effectively with rates.

Top recommendations on how to choose a freelance artist

Today we’ll tell you how to choose one artist on the Freelancehunt service if you published a project and received several bids.

Portfolio: what to consider and how to evaluate

Evaluating the results of a freelancer’s previous projects in a portfolio allows you to check the specialist’s experience, skills and work style. Therefore, customers should understand in detail the specifics of working with this tool at the service.

Before starting cooperation: how to evaluate a freelancer’s portfolio

To choose a freelancer for cooperation, you need to evaluate his portfolio. We’ll help you understand the nuances of working with this tool on Freelancehunt.

Publishing a freelance project: briefly about the main thing

No magic! Simply perfect vehicle

Any customer is interested in the contractor correctly understanding the purpose and objectives of the project. It depends on a clear TS whether the client will get the result he expects. What are the most common mistakes customers make when drawing up technical specifications and how to avoid them?

How to write an ideal technical task: tips for customers

In the new material we talk about the most common mistakes customers make when drawing up technical specifications and how to avoid them.

Ponds! More bets!

The most popular way to find a performer for your task on the service is to open a project. There are ways to ensure that it is seen by as many freelancers as possible. To do this, the standard project can be upgraded – strengthened with additional options. Read the material on how to do this.

How to get more bids on a project – Freelancehunt secrets

The service has 3 options, using which you will receive more bids on the project from leading Freelancehunt specialists. Let’s talk in more detail.

If there are still few bets: work on mistakes

It happens that it is not possible to find a performer for a particular project. At the same time, the customer sees that freelancers are viewing the proposal, but are not placing bids. They told us what the reasons might be and how to fix it.

How to increase the number of reviews on a project

Today we’ll look at a situation where freelancers review a published project, but don’t place a bid. Let’s talk about the reasons and how to fix it.

How to attract more performers in a narrow niche

Is it impossible to find a contractor for a project in a narrow niche? There are many specialists with in-depth knowledge in a particular field on Freelancehunt. To attract their attention, you should know how to correctly describe the project and what additional settings to use for quick and effective results.

How to increase reviews for highly specialized projects

We tell you how to quickly and effectively increase the number of reviews for objects with a narrow specialization on Freelancehunt.

What if the project is Personal?

How and to whom to offer a Personal Project

A personal project is one of the effective ways to collaborate with a contractor on Freelancehunt. What it is, in what situations to offer it and by what criteria to look for a freelancer to work on a Personal project, read in the next article.

How to Properly Propose a Personal Freelancer Project

What is a Personal Project on Freelancehunt, when to offer it and what criteria to use to look for a freelancer to work on a task.

A little about competitions

What needs to be done for a successful competition

Competitions are suitable for tasks that have a creative component: the customer receives dozens, sometimes even hundreds of ready-made implementation options. This is a format of cooperation that is beneficial for the client and saves time. Therefore, it is important to understand what needs to be done to have a successful competition and get exactly the result you are hoping for.

Competition on Freelancehunt – a monument to the customer

In this article we reveal the formula for success of competitions on Freelancehunt. We talk about the factors influencing the quality and quantity of submitted works.

All about productive interaction with freelancers

How to properly agree on the terms of the project with the contractor

The positive result of cooperation largely determines the stage of agreeing on terms. If you discuss all the important points before starting work on a project, you can get exactly the result that the customer expects. What needs to be taken into account at the stage of agreeing on terms with the contractor, read the article.

Rules and nuances of agreeing on project terms with freelancers

For successful cooperation on Freelancehunt, it is necessary to correctly agree on the terms of the project. We’ll tell you why this is important and what nuances should be discussed.

All about safe cooperation

The easiest way to securely collaborate with freelancers is to use the Safe service on Freelancehunt. This is a safe transaction that guarantees the preservation of your funds until the successful completion of the project. This tool and its advantages are described in more detail in the following material.

How can a customer work safely on a freelance service?

The best way to safely collaborate with freelancers is the Safe service on Freelancehunt. Let’s tell you more about the advantages of this tool.

All about safe cooperation on behalf of the company

Are you planning to collaborate with freelancers on behalf of your company? This is precisely why Business Safe exists – a service on Freelancehunt that provides the opportunity to pay for the services of specialists from the company’s account under an agreement. There are many advantages of this format of cooperation, so it’s definitely worth learning about them.

How companies can collaborate with freelancers through Business Safe

Business Safe on Freelancehunt allows companies to collaborate with freelancers and pay for their services from the company’s account under an agreement.

Tips for successful communication

Proper communication with a freelancer significantly increases the likelihood that you will get the expected result. We recommend that you take into account our universal recommendations for communicating with performers. They will help you avoid situations where the result of cooperation is not quite the same as you imagined it at first.

Tips for successful communication with freelancers

We have collected universal recommendations on how to properly communicate with performers on Freelancehunt so that cooperation is as successful as possible.

If suddenly something doesn’t go according to plan

Collaborating with experts on Freelancehunt is easy and safe. But sometimes, when working on a project, situations arise that depend on the human factor. We offer instructions on how to act in different situations if questions arise when collaborating with a freelancer.

How to make a project successful: practical instructions

In this article we will talk about what key points the customer should pay attention to in order for the project to be successful.

The project is completed. What’s next?

Life as a freelancer after the end of the project

Any projects have a deadline. You have implemented your task on the service, what next? Freelancehunt assures that life as a freelancer after the end of the project definitely exists.

How to collaborate as a freelancer after completing a project

We tell you how to continue to use the benefits of cooperation with freelancers on the Freelancehunt service after the completion of the project.

We hope the selection will be useful and will make your interaction with freelancers even better, simpler and more successful!

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