How to save half your budget on website layout thanks to AI

How to save half your budget on website layout thanks to AI

Good afternoon, dear freelancers, web designers and web developers! I’m Dan Manu, owner of an agency specializing in website development.

Thanks to innovative technologies, I discovered a way to effectively optimize the workflow. Today I want to share my experience using Fignel AI. This is an artificial intelligence-based tool that turns Figma designs into ready-made websites on the WordPress and Elementor platforms.

It allows me to save more than half of the project budget on website layout. Thanks to Fignel, I can focus on the more creative aspects of my work without wasting time on routine work.

Yes, you read that right. One click and your Figma layout turns into a full-fledged website in WordPress and Elementor.

The power of artificial intelligence makes your workflow more efficient, allowing you to focus on your search. new projects and to increase your earnings.

Since its launch, this service has attracted a large number of web designers and developers. Today he has 15 thousand downloads of the plugin, and this figure is growing daily.

What is Fignel and why is it relevant for web designers and developers

Fignel AI is an innovative solution to simplify the process of converting your Figma layouts into ready-made sites in WordPress and Elementor.

Why is this necessary?

New horizons are opening up before you.

Instead of spending hours working on code, you get more time to be creative and develop new ideas and concepts.

Your customers will also be satisfied, because such fast and high-quality solutions will save them time and money.

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Referral system – another opportunity to earn money

On top of all the other benefits, Fignel AI offers a profitable referral system. If you are an influencer or just want to share the news about Fignel AI, you can earn 50% commission on every transaction made through your referral link.

This is not only a way to generate additional income, but also an opportunity to recommend a reliable and effective tool to your colleagues and subscribers. Links to the referral program can be found in the footer of the project website in the section Affiliate Area.

How Fignel works

Principle of operation

At first glance, the process may seem magical, but behind the scenes, Fignel AI uses complex algorithms and machine learning to analyze your Figma layout. Once the layout is loaded and analyzed, Fignel AI generates the appropriate code and elements for WordPress and Elementor.

Important Features

With one click you can turn your Figma layout into a WordPress site. This is possible thanks to:

  1. Elementor Integrations: Perfect compatibility with the popular Elementor page builder.
  2. Creating adaptive design: automatically optimizes your site for different screen sizes.
  3. Customization: makes it easy to add and change elements on a page without having to write code.

Step-by-step instructions for the plugin – Figma to Elementor

1. Select a design to convert.

2. Register in the plugin.

3. Click the template and click the convert button.

4. Save the template file.

5. Enter Element.

6. Highlight the boot menu.

7. Enter Element.

8. Download the template.

9. Your design is converted into an element.

Instructions for use – Figma to WordPress

1. Create a separate file for the design.

2. Copy the link to the file.

3. Go to the dashboard.

4. Paste the link into the conversion field.

5. Select a conversion option and wait.

6. Select the pages to convert. From these, select one page as your home page.

7. Receive an email with the subject WordPress/access to the admin panel. Your design is automatically converted into a website.

Advantages of Fignel over traditional methods

Why should you pay attention to Fignel? Here are a few key points:

  1. Speed: the whole process takes significantly less time than writing code or layout using the drag`n`drop method.
  2. Efficiency: Reduced error since everything is generated automatically.
  3. Price: saving time helps increase your profits, because time is money.

To understand the full value of Fignel AI, it’s important to see it in action. After your first successful project, you will begin to understand how effectively you can work with this tool.

Anyone can take advantage of a free trial period to see if the service will be useful.

Why AI soft is the best solution for web designers

How Fignel saves designers time

Every designer knows that turning a layout into a working website can be a time-consuming process, often requiring manual work and additional resources. With Fignel, this process becomes incredibly simple and fast. You no longer need to spend hours writing code or correcting errors. So you can focus on the creative process rather than the technical details.

Converting Figma layouts without Auto Layout to projects from Auto Layout

If your Figma layout doesn’t use the Auto Layout feature, don’t worry. Fignel AI intelligently recognizes the structure of your design and automatically adapts it for WordPress and Elementor, ensuring a high-quality and efficient workflow.

How Fignel will help web developers

Ensuring Code Efficiency

While Fignel frees designers from the burden of website layout, it offers developers highly efficient code that is easy to integrate and customize. Fignel AI algorithms optimize CSS, HTML and JavaScript, resulting in fast loading speeds and excellent browser compatibility.

Speed ​​of integration with WordPress/Elementor

Typically, design integration with WordPress can take many hours, but with Fignel, the process is made as simple as possible. You can easily import Figma Layout directly into WordPress/Elementor, which speeds up the entire development process.

Experience with Fignel

Personal experience using Fignel

When I first heard about Fignel, I was skeptical. But after the first project, he realized that this was a tool that could really change my work routine. The collaboration between designers and developers became much more efficient, and I was able to focus on the more creative aspects of the work.

Reviews from other freelancers

I’m not the only one who is amazed by Fignel’s capabilities. Here are some reviews from fellow freelancers:

“Fignel saved me days of work. This is simply incredible! ” – Alexander, web developer.

“I can’t imagine my work without Fignel now. This is a real game-changer.” – Irina, UI/UX designer.


Summary of the benefits of Fignel

Fignel offers a number of undeniable advantages for freelancers in the field of design and web development. From significantly reducing layout conversion time to being able to focus on the creative aspects of your work. Fignel makes the website creation process more efficient at every stage.

How to start using Fignel

To start using Fignel, you just need to visit the official website and download the plugin. After a short registration and setup, you will be able to convert Figma layouts into WordPress/Elementor sites right from your workspace. To find out news and monitor updates, subscribe to the project’s social networks.

Simple tips for those who want to try Fignel

Considering the functionality and all the benefits that Fignel offers, it is truly a worthwhile investment. This tool is not just another plugin, but a real solution that can improve your productivity and work quality. To experience all the benefits:

  • Start with the free version. This will allow you to try out the basic features and see if Fignel is useful for your needs.
  • Connect with the community. There are many groups and forums where you can get useful advice from other users – official Discord, Reddit, etc.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment. The more you work with Fignel, the more you understand how to get the most out of it.

I hope this article was helpful and will help you make the best choice of tools to improve your productivity and efficiency.

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