How to increase reviews on projects of a narrow specialization

How to increase reviews on projects of a narrow specialization

Freelancing is a convenient and profitable way to find a performer in a narrow niche. If your project requires a specialist with in-depth knowledge in a particular field, you can find one on Freelancehunt. In the new material, we tell you how to do it very quickly and efficiently.

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Correct description of the project

The first and easiest step is to open the project and specify the necessary details in its description. What you need to consider in order to attract the attention of highly specialized specialists:

  • Select the correct project category. This way you will get more reviews from freelancers with the relevant specialization.
  • In the title, clearly indicate what needs to be done and in which niche. This will weed out performers with irrelevant skills.

In this example, the project name contains only the company name. Therefore, it will be difficult for performers to navigate, and the customer will receive few rates:

  • Describe in detail what specialization and set of competencies a freelancer must have to do the job.

If you design the project correctly, the number of reviews will increase, and you will receive relevant proposals from narrow specialists.

We offer 2 more ways to help you find a freelancer with the desired competencies in a narrow niche.

Method 1 – self-search

Freelancehunt has a directory of freelancers – use it to find a niche specialist yourself. Here you need to act according to the well-known principle: “If the mountain does not go to Mohammed, then Mohammed goes to the mountain.”

Go to the page with the general list of freelancers and use all the suggested tools from the sidebar “Top Freelancers”.

Here you need to select the required category and specialization, for example: Programming > Web programming or Design and art > Banners.

In the top menu, you can add geo settings: country and city, if you need a freelancer for a specific location. When choosing a specialization, tags will also be available. We were looking for a freelancer in the field of Font Design. Got the following result:

With these tags, you can find artists who can, for example, design a corporate identity or create fonts.

There is another tool on the page. search phrase. Enter a keyword representing a niche area and get a list of desired performers.

Method 2 – additional project options

A standard project can be upgraded – strengthen it with paid options that will help you get even more feedback. Do this immediately after publishing or on the project management page.

To search for an artist in a narrow specialization, the following options are useful:

Premium project

  • Premium project – is fixed at the top of the catalog for 2 days and is indicated by an asterisk. Therefore, freelancers will definitely notice it on the list, and high-ranking performers will definitely be interested, because they choose premium projects.

Using this option, according to our statistics, customers receive 80-85% more bids from motivated and active performers. For the best result, prepare a clear and detailed description and indicate the cost of the project.

Raise a project

  • Raising a project up is relevant if it has already gone down in the catalog, and the number of bids is not enough to make a decision. This option allows you to attract the attention of new freelancers and thus get more bids.

Important: the service will become available only 12 hours after the publication of the project on the service.

urgent project

  • An urgent project is when the contractor needs to be found as quickly as possible. In the general list, it will be highlighted in bold and marked with a special sign:

A project with a spark speeds up the search for interested freelancers, as it is an opportunity to quickly complete the work and get paid. This option will be especially relevant for customers who have small tasks (for several hours or a day).

The cost of each service can be found in the knowledge base.

Use our practical tips to quickly find a niche freelancer to complete your task. We wish you productive and comfortable work on the service!

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