How to improve your resume in 30 minutes? / Hebrew

How to improve your resume in 30 minutes? / Hebrew

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that finding a new (or even your first) job is stressful, the job requirements on HeadHunter seem impossible,
and your resume is not something you don’t want to send anywhere – it’s a desire to never open it.

At the start of a career, everyone has all these feelings. Let’s start to change the situation a little with the last point – the resume!

Yes, we won’t be able to increase your work experience by 3 years in 30 minutes, but even in the banal design of your resume, many people do (or don’t do) quite strange things.

Let’s go to point 0…

My name is Dmytro Ivanov, I am a senior data analyst at Beeline, and the first rule of a good resume is simplicity. Until we get to the TOP or VP position, let’s leave the extra formality outside of that PDF file you send out to recruiters.

0. Write simply and clearly

It is not necessary to make an elephant out of a fly (3 months of work in a university laboratory) (draw up each thesis of your course as a separate scientific project). 3 months in the lab = 3 months in the lab.

1. Fill in all sections

Experience, stack, portfolio, languages, ABOUT YOURSELF – should be filled to the maximum.

The ideal formula is to capably fill all possible sections, but so that everything fits on 1 sheet of the file, because they may stupidly not turn over to the second.

PS My purely personal opinion is always to throw a PDF file and only it.
The link is inconvenient and unclear, how to open a Word document – it can be super inconvenient to read from a phone. JPEG or PNG – I will say no, but there are such cases. PDF and only PDF

2. Write relevant experience

If you have had work experience up to this point – great, but it is not always good to write it all. Would you have any skepticism about a doctor who painted wallpaper professionally six months ago? It seems so.

example: if you are going to the position of a data analyst and before that you studied mathematics at the university at the department of math analysis – that’s cool.

If you worked as a math teacher at school, that’s fine.

If you’ve sold math education books while standing behind a counter and even following the plan 110%, it’s best not to mention it in the experience section.

PS But it will be said later what to do with the fact of 110% execution of the plan, not to lose such merits

3. Section “Stack”

What June writes:

Anonymous applicant, thanks for the screenshot! By the way, he received an offer!

What the senior writes:

On the one hand, everyone already understands that when there is little experience, you want to write everything-everything-everything directly, when you already have it – there is confidence (and these 5 years of work experience).

However, such “filling” is something from the category of “communicability, confident PC user, Word, native Russian language”. I suggest leaving it in the past)

4. Section “About myself”

This is where you need to light it. This is where you need to make a minimum acquaintance (that’s why we needed modern courses on success and business!) about yourself, just like on a date.

I will write impromptu about myself:

Hello everybody! My name is Dmytro Ivanov, I have been doing data analysis at Beeline for the past 3 years.

What I can do:

  • conduct R&D research investigations, which I receive in the format “Smoke, we have a drop in conversion on the site, we need to figure it out” OR “Smoke, we found a strange group of customers, we need to understand what to do with them and whether they are scammers” OR “Colleagues, here we have 2 algorithms, we would somehow TEST which of them is better. How would we do it, who would design the experiment?

  • Consider business cases, build forecasts so that they take into account bad/realistic/optimistic scenarios and are beautifully designed, so that you can immediately send them to your superiors without fear.

  • Keep your tasks up-to-date, clarify your tasks and clearly formulate tasks to colleagues, comment on the code before uploading it to git, take an active part in discussions, but do not create unnecessary meetings.

The author does not claim the genius of the text above, but agree that the probability that the recruiter will read it to the end is not small! And this is important: the recruiter has, at best, 120 seconds for a resume, and it is cool to hook him with something in a pleasant format to describe one of your strengths.

5. Portfolio

If you have a pet project with open source code, I recommend not to be lazy and minimally arrange it on Git and give it a link.

If there is a link to some site/service that you got your hands on, you need a link to it.

There is a scientific article – a link to it.

I think you got the idea: a short description of the achievement + a link to it.

6. General advice

  • At least use HH to compile a resume, you will have a minimum of pleasant files at the output, you should not just write the text in Word and export to PDF.

  • Write all contacts (not only mail).

  • Bad file name: “Ivaniv.docx”
    A good file name: “Ivanov_Dmytry_DA_Pyter.pdf”

  • Avoid the words “responsibility, punctuality, stress resistance, Russian as a native speaker, 1st place in the British Bulldog competition.”

I don’t want to say that “the resume is the face of the candidate”, but this is a very suitable phrase 🙂

I wish you once to spend a little time on creating a resume so that

  • do not waste time sending half-empty documents;

  • don’t be ashamed of your portfolio;

  • get a cool offer as soon as possible.

Good luck to everyone and enjoy your work!

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