How to get more bids on a project – Freelancehunt Secrets

How to get more bids on a project – Freelancehunt Secrets

The most popular way to find a contractor for your task on the service is to open a project. But sometimes it’s not enough to just post a task. You need to make sure that the maximum number of freelancers sees it. To do this, a standard project can be upgraded – strengthened with additional options. The service has 3 options, using which you will get more rates from leading experts:

Today, we’ll take a closer look at each of these features.

Premium project – get 80% more rates from top freelancers

Premium project is a great opportunity to get several times more offers from top freelancers than in regular projects. Customers who use this option, according to our statistics, usually receive 80% more rates for performers who are ready to complete the task as quickly as possible.

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How it works

A premium project is indicated by an asterisk and is fixed at the top of the list of projects for 2 days. Published projects are gradually moved down in the list as new ones appear. This is how fewer and fewer specialists see them. At the same time, the premium project during the paid period will remain at the top and attract attention.

Benefits of a premium project

  1. Freelancers are guaranteed to notice your project. Premium projects are displayed above all other projects in the list for 2 days – you cannot miss them.
  2. Stay at the top. Premium projects stay at the top of the general directory and in your category. At the same time, conventional projects are quickly disappearing from view.
  3. Attention of the best performers. Highly rated freelancers are more likely to choose premium projects. A great solution if you need a top performer.
  4. More bets. Premium projects get significantly more views and rates from performers, and hourly statistics are available to you – who exactly watched the project and when. To view statistics, click the corresponding button on the project page.
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Cost of the service and how to connect

from 299 hryvnia. The cost is dynamic and is determined by the system depending on the number of already active premium projects.

You can connect premium at the stage of publishing a project or at any time on the project management page. We recommend activating the premium when publishing a project so that it stays at the top of the list for as long as possible and you can get the maximum number of reviews.

How to get more bids on a project - Freelancehunt Secrets

How to get the best result from activating a premium project:

  1. Make as complete a description of the task as possible.
  2. Specify the cost of the project.
  3. Choose the correct category.

This will help you get more bids and attract the attention of top service specialists. You can buy premium an unlimited number of times.

Recommendations for customers: If you’ve received multiple bids from freelancers you’re interested in, start chatting with experts right now. Don’t wait for the end of bidding. Write to freelancers and clarify the details of cooperation.

This will help you understand if you want to work with this freelancer on a project or if you should look further. So you filter out those performers that do not suit you. Save time too, as power outages can delay freelancers from responding.

Raise the project and get the attention of freelancers

Another useful feature is lift the project. If the project has already gone down the list, and the number of bids is still not enough to select a performer, move it up. This way more freelancers will see it and you will get new reviews.

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How it works

After activating the service, your project once rises to the first page of the list and is placed under premium projects. This allows you to get new rates and attract more performers in a minimum of time.

Cost of the service and how to connect

Raise the project up 99 hryvnia.

You will not be able to enable this option immediately after publication. The ability to raise a project becomes available when it disappears from the first pages of the catalog. This can be done on the specific project page.

Urgent project – when the deadline is burning

Is there a deadline? Urgently need a specialist? Choose an option urgent project.

Such a project will be highlighted with a special sign and in bold. This will help to attract the attention of specialists and get more rates in a short time.

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How it works

A project marked with a twinkle in the general catalog will definitely attract the attention of freelancers. Experts see that this is an urgent project, which means that there is an opportunity to quickly earn money. Therefore, they are recalled, and you can choose the appropriate performer and close the task in a short time.

How to get more bids on a project - Freelancehunt Secrets

Cost of the service and how to connect

Activate the project “with a twinkle” for 99 hryvnia.

You can connect immediately after publication, either individually or together with other options:

  1. Premium project.
  2. Urgent project.
  3. Hide ponds.
How to get more bids on a project - Freelancehunt Secrets

Recommendations for customers: Use this service if you have a small task for a few hours. So freelancers will quickly start working on the project, and you will get the result as quickly as possible.

Why you should include additional project options

Connect additional services if you want to get more rates and find a contractor for a project faster. Your projects will stand out from the background of others and remain in the field of view of a large number of performers. And thanks to hidden ponds, you will get more relevant offers from specialists.

Recall which project options can be activated on the service:

  1. Premium project – if you want to get 80% more rates than in a regular project.
  2. Raise a project – to attract the attention of top specialists.
  3. urgent project – when the deadline is burning or a specialist is urgently needed.

Use additional options and your project will be 100% successful.

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